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REAR ENTRIES: The House Of Rear Entries

July 06, 2011 at 09:08am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Rear Entry 79

GERALD MCCOY IS LEADING THE LINE: With a void of pretty much anyone else who wants or is qualified for the job, Gerald McCoy has stepped in and taken responsibility for the defensive line.

“Apparently, these guys feel I’m the leader of the d-line room, so I take it upon myself that if the d-line is not running right, it’s something I need to get together. If we can get going, if the d-line can get rolling like we’re supposed to, it will change the whole team, not just the defense.”

Seriously, if he hadn’t stepped in, who else would have been the leader? Greg White? Tim Crowder? One of the rookies? He is literally the only qualified lineman to be the leader. Good thing he wants the job. He mentions Warren Sapp in the article. If he can be that same kind of inspirational, in-your-face guy that also leads with his performance, it will go a LONG way towards making the line dominant again. Good article.

BUCS ON TIKI’S SHORT LIST: And no one gives a shit because Tiki Barber isn’t on the Bucs’ list at all. Cal Tech was on my short list of colleges but somehow that didn’t seem to matter to them when I showed up for classes without having been accepted. This is only a story because there are no other stories right now. Raheem Morris was being polite when he said they “consider everybody” who they think can help the team, but he surely didn’t mean a 36-year old running back. Tiki is literally old enough to be Allen Bradford‘s dad. Not happening.

JOSH JOHNSON DOING GOOD DEEDS: In yet another example of a Buccaneer using the lockout time in a constructive way, Josh Johnson has teamed up with his cousin (cousin?) Marshawn Lynch to open a center for underprivileged youth in the San Francisco Bay area.

According to the Fam 1st Family Foundation, the center will offer free programming to “vulnerable communities” to “promote literacy, athletic training, after-school tutoring,” and will include “art programs, vocational training, a media center, and much more.”

The center should open in Oakland in 2013. They’re going to have to do something to keep Black Hole residents from destroying it, though. Maybe leave a bunch of mannequins with stab wounds around the perimeter so the Raider fans think they’ve already hit it. Just spitballing here; feel free to throw out a better idea.

3 Comments to “REAR ENTRIES: The House Of Rear Entries”


manbearpig (July 06, 2011 at 09:49am:

Blondie made my morning way better. Thank you.


mcLovin (July 06, 2011 at 10:25am:

What a nice clicky, its Kristen Bells identical twin except with big tit-tays.
The only other one that could possibly step up would be Roy Miller, so apparently he is not much of a vocal leader type, or obviously we would have heard of him doing that by now. Which is ok if thats not in his make-up. I’d rather it be McCoy who can also back it up.


campyone (July 06, 2011 at 03:55pm:

Conundrum for the day: Can Tiki Barber have a short list if there is no long list?

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