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REAR ENTRIES: Redskins And Running Backs

August 29, 2012 at 11:06am by Scott   •  4 Comments »


BUCS FACING RAHEEM TONIGHT: This entry was going to be about how Raheem Morris will be facing his old Buccaneers for the first time and how his current Redskins should enjoy that charisma and amped up feeling while it lasts because getting slapped on the back and told inappropriate jokes by your boss gets old fast, but then I read the intro paragraph.

DULLES, Va. — A flat screen television at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant just outside the nation’s capital was tuned into the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where Mitt Romney had just been pushed over the top with enough delegates to earn his party’s nomination for president.

And then the next paragraph does not provide any segue or context to that statement. It just kind of hangs there like a pants leg stuck outside the drawer. Is Rick Stroud a Republican who wanted to work Romney’s name into an article? Is he a Democrat who wanted to associate Romney’s name with something pointless? Or is this article an homage to Raheem and his ADD-style of public speaking? If I thought that was really what it was, I’d send Stroud a congratulatory greeting card because that would make it the most awesome thing ever. Sadly, I think it’s just bad. Hell, even Florio has transitions in his paragraphs, as tortured and meandering as they may be. And given the choice between him or this thing in the Raheem article…

Nah, I’d still rather have this. Florio is unforgivable.

MOST VALUABLE BUCS: Tom Jones took a break from lounge singing and wrote an article about the five Buccaneers that the team can least afford to lose. It’s not a surprising list, but I really don’t have any issue with it except maybe Vincent Jackson, who we haven’t seen play in a regular season game yet and can’t really determine how valuable he is. Instead of Jackson, I might even put Connor Barth on there. No one is predicting the Bucs to blow anyone away this year, so field goals are probably going to be the difference between winning and losing in several games. The Bucs need a reliable kicker to salvage some points out of stalled drives, and as we’ve seen, you can’t just pull someone off the street to do it. Unless the guy you pull of the street is Connor Barth, who no one had heard of until Mark Dominik found him in Kansas City’s scrap heap and signed him just to get people to stop talking about Mike Nugent.

BLOUNT GETS BUMPED: It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Doug Martin finally passed LeGarrette Blount on the depth chart. Greg Schiano practically told us to expect it months ago. But Schiano says the chart isn’t written in stone.

“It doesn’t mean that that’s it,” he said. “As I’ve told them, ‘It could go the other way if you outperform (Martin).’ We don’t hand out jobs and sign them over. It’s always competition around here, continually. I think Doug’s done a great job and that’s why he’s got the No. 1 seat. But he’s got to work to keep it.”

Looking at the preseason games objectively, Martin did better than Blount. And while he may not be the starter, but Blount will get his carries. Blount may have his drawbacks, but he has experience and he can break big runs and it seems like the era of the workhorse back is dead so you need two starting-caliber backs to play these days. Even if he never starts a game this season, there will be a highlight reel play from Blount this season. Count on it.

One more thing, if you live in the Atlanta area, throw a quick comment up on this entry and let me know. Just trying to get a feel for how many of us there are. Thanks.

4 Comments to “REAR ENTRIES: Redskins And Running Backs”


Crunchy4582 (August 29, 2012 at 11:28am:

I’m from Atlanta!


celly84 (August 29, 2012 at 01:16pm:

ATL here. GO BUCS!!!


jampersands (August 30, 2012 at 07:57am:

Reading the “Five Player Bucs Can’t Afford to Lose” article– Can we all agree to stop saying things like “The NFL has become a quarterback league” as though it’s a recent, novel development? Unless you’re going to give me a history of the NFL or discuss how Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl, it’s just not necessary.


xljohnr316 (August 30, 2012 at 10:37pm:

Atlanta (actually, Marietta) here. Go

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