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Talking Talib

October 17, 2012 at 01:26pm by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Talib points to shiny objects prior to taking his Adderall.
I guess since it’s been a few days, it’s time to discuss Aqib Talib‘s four-game suspension.

So this time his problem isn’t anger-related, it’s Adderall. Adderall is on the banned substance list because it is essentially speed. Talib claims to have taken one Adderall pill for his ADHD (a diagnosis I believe) before training camp and that was what got him in trouble. Of course, he can say anything he wants because test results of players being disciplined under the PED policy are confidential. He could have been injecting mutated horse DNA directly into his thighs and we’d never know. In recent years, players would blame meal supplements with banned substances in them that weren’t on the list of ingredients. This year it’s Adderall (which to me is dumber because you can’t blame ignorance — the banned substance list isn’t secret). So whatever the reason, Talib broke the rules and has to sit out for four games.

To be honest with you, I don’t think a lot about Talib. I’ve kind of written him off the team in my mind. I won’t stop being a fan of the team if he’s still on it, but I won’t expect anything from him, either. I thought he should have been cut after the pistol-whipping incident. Yes, I know all charges were dropped and Talib was cleared of any wrongdoing. But the dude is a magnet for trouble, and if he’s not creating it himself (which he mostly does), he is hanging around people who create it for him. Either way, he becomes an embarrassment to the team who has to apologize for his bullshit pretty much annually at this point. Greg Schiano says he will welcome Talib back after his suspension and to trust him that he knows what is best for the organization. And of course Schiano is there every day and I’m here in ripped underwear in front of my computer (don’t ask), so yes, he knows more than I do about what the Bucs need. But I do know the Bucs played one of their best defensive games without him last Sunday. And I know no other player comes close to having Talib’s history of trouble (I know several of them do have rap sheets, but none of them are as long as Talib’s). So… what’s the real benefit for continuing to put the team in the awkward position of defending Talib over and over again?

4 Comments to “Talking Talib”


cubsandbucsfan (October 17, 2012 at 03:51pm:

This ivory-tower nonsense from pro sports is so unbecoming. Baseball was better with steroids. Who cares if Talib uses Adderall, legitimately or otherwise? Every sport, every generation within that sport has had to deal with athletes trying to get over. Is Barry Bonds worse because he took steroids than Babe Ruth who never had to face a Black pitcher? Not in my mind. When pro sports wonder into these issues for the “integrity of the game”, it makes me sick. If the NFL cared about the players they would figure out why Junior Seau put a freaking gun in his mouth months after retirement. The fact is, the collisions these guys are enduring play after play after play are far more detrimental than prescribed Adderall. Why are pro football players eating out of a straw when they turn 50 faaaaaar more than the average non-player? Answer that riddle Goodell, than I will care about Talib’s Adderall vice.


Scott (October 17, 2012 at 04:13pm:

I disagree with you about 95%. The black pitcher thing is an interesting angle.


Meatmaster (October 17, 2012 at 05:56pm:

Haha wall of text DENIED!


cubsandbucsfan (October 17, 2012 at 07:06pm:

I have 2 members in my immediate family on Adderall. It helps with focus if an individual does in fact have ADHD. I could not envision a scenario where it could give an NFL player a competitive advantage anymore than say, an energy drink. Are we going to limit the amount of Monsters and Coffee the players can drink?

What generation within a professional sport did not have a competitive advantage? By definition, all of these policies are reactionary in nature, and thus unhelpful. They are and always will be “a day late and a dollar short.” I drink coffee to get my day started in order to take care of my family. Sylvester Stalone admits that he takes PEDs in order to feed his family. I don’t resent him for it. I know nobody looks like that naturally. But who cares? I don’t really care if Stalone dies tonight, nor do I really care if Talib dies tonight. My guess is, if we are honest, none of the readers here do either. So I say to Talib, “Get creative. Do what you need in order to feed your family so long as you aren’t hurting anybody else.”

Is there really an argument that baseball is better now than in 1998? Pitchers roided. Batters did too. And it was incredible. Zero-sum game in my book. In an existential sense-Brett Boone was able to make enough money to send his great-grandkids to college. Then he ejected before the heat came, and I don’t begrudge him one bit.

In reality, this seems to only become an issue if we can reconfirm our prejudice towards the player. Bonds was an a-hole. The steriods then gave us reason to solidify our hatred towards him. We like to think of Babe Ruth in an iconic sense, but history is cruel to honesty. The mound used to be 15″, then was lowered to 10″ in 1967 to aid the batters. Great if your a batter, sucks if you are pitcher. Sucks even worse if you represent pitchers. The game is tainted, they all are. Let the players make their money and get out off of our televisions.

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