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With The 13th Pick, The Bucs Take…

February 20, 2013 at 12:33am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

Oh yeah, and draft Justin Hunter in the second round.
I have no desire to delve any deeper into the Da’Quan Bowers thing because not a lot has happened. He posted bail and his attorney thinks he’ll be exonerated — congratulations, you’re all caught up.

What I do want to talk about is the Bucs’ first-round pick. They are slotted at #13 and, assuming they stay there, they have a few different directions they could go. The obvious one is Dee Milliner (Alabama), the cornerback who actually reminds me a lot of Aqib Talib in his aggressiveness and playmaking ability but is unlike Talib in that he hasn’t been arrested. He takes a lot of chances but is exciting to watch. If the Bucs wanted a right tackle, they could go after Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) who is getting a lot of comparisons to Joe Staley. One long shot would be Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame), the best tight end in the draft, but I would think the Bucs could slide down a few slots to grab him.

Now, here’s an interesting question. Quincy Black is hurt and may never be the same. Grabbing a strongside linebacker in the first round to go along with Mason Foster and Lavonte David would solidify the linebacking corps for a long time and strengthen an already potent run defense. Jarvis Jones (Georgia) will be long gone and Barkevious Mingo (LSU) won’t be too far behind (and I don’t know if I would put Mingo at the sam spot anyway). So who is generally considered the third-best linebacker in the draft? Manti T’eo (Fantasyland). His physical gifts and on-field production can’t be disputed and the Bucs do need a young strongside linebacker. Do they take him? Do they even look at him?

Personally, I say no. Greg Schiano is no bullshit kind of guy and T’eo is FULL of bullshit. Like… tons of it. For at least his first season, T’eo won’t be able to escape constant questioning about his imaginary girlfriend, his practice and play will be intensely scrutinized and he will bring the kind of attention to the Bucs that they really hate. Maybe he plows through it and becomes an excellent linebacker and all his weird lies are relegated to a footnote in his biography. But that’s a long way out, and on the flip side there’s no guarantee that T’eo doesn’t just go completely fruitcake on whatever team picks him and gets caught dressed as Betty White and fucking a Cuban male prostitute in Ybor City. Hey, weirder things have happened. Not many, but a few. Remind me to tell you my story sometime.

4 Comments to “With The 13th Pick, The Bucs Take…”


jampersands (February 20, 2013 at 02:08am:

I think the Bucs will try as hard as they can to trade out of their current pick. Obviously Milliner is the ideal, but he won’t be there for us at 13. Since he will be gone, we could look at OLB, but I agree that the Teo nonsense could be a distraction for Schiano. Moreover, the next best guy, Alec Ogletree from Georgia, just got a DUI 3 days ago. Again, not likely. If Jarvis Jones is healthy, he’ll already be taken, and if he’s not healthy, do we want the risk (see: Bowers, Daquan)?

I think the choice will really come down to a RT or a DE if we don’t move up or down the board. And honestly, I don’t think you take a RT with such a high pick. Better to save it and look for one in Rd. 2.

So I think the choice really comes down to DE at 13 or trade down for a CB or TE. We could have a shot at (DE’s) Damontre Moore, Dion Jordan, or Ezekial Ansah at 13, all of whom would be solid (although Ansah probably wouldn’t start right away). But then again, if we give Michael Bennett big money (and I think we should) then we have little reason to spend the first pick at his position.

All this says to me that we will trade down (unless we let Bennett walk). I think the Bucs will do everything they can to trade down to the 20’s and take either Eifert/Ertz (TE from Stanford), or a second tier corner. Xavier Rhodes from FSU looks good to me, and could really increase his stock if he runs well at the combine.


jarldg (February 20, 2013 at 10:22am:

I think it would be a waste to pick a Sam line baker in the first, he’d only be on the field on running downs and that limits usefulness. dt wasn’t mentioned, and if an impact player remains I’d like to see Tampa go after him.


HouseofG (February 20, 2013 at 04:13pm:

I hear the Saints are going to take Manti T’eo with their phantom second round pick.

Oh, and I want my t-shirt, mofo! ;-)


Scott (February 20, 2013 at 04:34pm:

You have no idea the anguish I have over those fucking shirts. I am never, ever doing this kind of thing again with considerably more research. Even Vistaprint won’t do them!

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