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Ira Just Keeps Talking Out His Ass

February 17, 2010 at 11:15am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Look at all that impact he's not having.
How long did we go without some Tampa newspaper dipshit masturbating all over our screens about Ndamukong Suh? Two weeks? Super Bowl week and the week after? Well, now that the Saints have won and the loudest Saints fans have died of alcohol poisoning, Ira Kaufman can finally focus back on pimping this kid. Thank goodness, too. I almost forgot Suh was in the draft.

Despite a pressing need for a dominating interior defensive lineman, there are no indications the Bucs are willing to put together a package and move up from No. 3 to draft one of the two best players on the board — DTs Ndamulong Suh of Nebraska and Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma.

This is the only part I actually agree with. There was a story a couple days ago where Mark Dominik said on WDAE that the Bucs were prepared to trade up. What he actually said was that they were preparing to trade in either direction. But the original, misleading headline emphasized the possibility of a trade up, so suddenly everyone started talking like the Bucs were putting together a package to do it. The truth is that Dominik hasn’t tipped his hand as to what their real intentions are. And that’s the way it should be. How incompetent would he be if he gave away his draft strategy to a radio station? Stop being intentionally deceptive with your headlines, Joebucsfan.

Instead, there is speculation the Bucs will look to trade down, pocket even more picks and perhaps draft Tennessee safety Eric Berry.

There is speculation for any possibility. It’s February! You’re saying nothing!

Berry is a very good prospect, but he won’t have the potential impact of Mr. Suh and that’s what the Bucs should be thinking about — impact.

That’s a pretty big assumption. Is Kaufman saying that Berry is not as good a player as Suh, or that the defensive tackle position is more important than safety? It really depends on the scheme that Raheem Morris decides to run as to how “impactful” the DT will be. Was Warren Sapp more important than John Lynch? From 1995-2003 (the seasons they were with the Bucs at the same time), Sapp had 524 tackles, 77 sacks and 3 interceptions and Lynch had 945 tackles, 6 sacks and 23 interceptions. They both sound like they had a pretty big impact. You can say that the Cover 2 starts with the defensive tackle, but honestly the biggest impact player in that defense is probably the weakside linebacker. As for whether Berry is better at his job than Suh is at his, that’s a matter of opinion, but having closely watched Berry for a few years, I can tell you that he is one of the best college safeties I’ve ever seen.

Suh is regarded as a rare talent, a disruptive player who will make everyone around him more effective.

So is Berry. Remember when Tanard Jackson came off his suspension and all of a sudden things improved for the defense?

The Rams don’t want the No. 1 pick and Suh isn’t getting past the Lions at No. 2, so if the Bucs want him, there’s an opportunity to vault over Detroit and make the biggest splash in the draft. St. Louis will ask for a lot and the Bucs need to relax and reach a compromise with the Rams, who could easily slide back to No. 3 and take a quarterback.

Holy shit! Ira Kaufman has an inside source in the Rams’ front office who is telling him what their intentions for the draft are! This is HUGE! Either that or he’s just fucking guessing like the rest of us.

The Rams don’t want their #1 pick? Yeah, neither did the Lions last year and look how successful they were in getting rid of that albatross. No one wants that pick until a rookie wage scale is in place, and that includes the Bucs who aren’t going to be eager to give up a couple valuable picks and, what, an additional $13-million or so guaranteed? to get a player that may or may not be two slots better than their own.

And who knows? Maybe they do want that pick and Steve Spagnuolo, their very defensive-minded coach, wants to stand pat and just take Suh. Maybe Kaufman should just call Spagnuolo and ask him.

The Bucs don’t need additional picks. They have plenty of ammunition to make this a dynamic draft harvest and a deal to secure Suh’s services would be a heck of a start.

Oh, hell no. Who would want additional picks in what Charlie Casserly just called the deepest draft since 1983? Better to throw away three or four of them on one player. You know what else we don’t need? Free blow jobs and cheeseburgers.

Tampa Bay’s fan base needs a reason to believe in the direction of this franchise. Moving back in the first round and choosing a safety won’t have anybody in this town overly excited about the 2010 season.

Oh, yes, Ira. Linemen always get the fan base excited. Everywhere I go, all I hear is about how linemen can’t even go to the grocery store because of the women throwing their panties at them and the little boys demanding autographs. Meanwhile, safeties who make bone-crushing hits across the middle or intercept passes are virtually invisible. Gotcha.

It’s absurd at this point to compare Suh with Warren Sapp, but this kid is special.

Everyone graded at the top of the draft is special. That’s why they’re graded that high. Suh is special, McCoy is special, Berry is special, Sam Bradford is special, Dez Bryant is special, Joe Haden is special. All of them. And at least a couple of them won’t pan out in the NFL regardless of how special they’re graded out right now. That’s why you like to have lots of picks — to hedge against those failures. Ira, if you can’t write something good, just take the next couple weeks off until free agency hits.

5 Comments to “Ira Just Keeps Talking Out His Ass”


JoeBucsFan (February 17, 2010 at 11:37am:

Scott, love your site. Who wouldn’t?

Gotta defend myself here though. There was nothing misleading about the headline regarding Dominik and the draft. And there surely wasn’t anything misleading in the story. …The most interesting thing he said in his interview, was IMO, that he was prepared to trade up. Maybe it was the way he said it. …But as you know, you’ve got mabye 6 words for a headline to keep it on one line. …The headline isn’t there to tell the story. It’s to draw in the reader while staying accurate.


Scott (February 17, 2010 at 01:11pm:

@joebucsfan: Your headline did exactly what you wanted it to do, which is create a buzz about the article and get people to read it. It got linked by PFT and other sites, which is all good news for you. And I guess the headline is technically accurate in that “either direction” includes up. But you’re fooling yourself if you think the headline isn’t misleading. It leads the reader to believe that Dominik specifically talked about trading up in the draft, which the body of your article doesn’t support. It says he could go either way, which is true of any team and is non-news. All teams are prepared to trade up or down depending on circumstances. To illustrate my point, can you imagine if he had said they were unprepared to make any moves? Now that would have been a story.

In the end, the story was harmless and none of this is truly important. You created a story out of nothing, got clicks for it and got paid for it and I applaud your ability to do so. But the headline feels dishonest.


Meatmaster (February 17, 2010 at 06:02pm:

That Ira dude is a giant douchebag. Fuck him.

Wordy Sanchez

Wordy Sanchez (February 17, 2010 at 11:34pm:

Honestly, this is the kind of article (and response) that made me just stop even trying to read JoeBucsFan. I guess I could deal with it if he didn’t get bent when someone points it up, but he’s pretty much got a followup to every comment like that one.


BaldBuc4055 (February 18, 2010 at 12:57am:

Scott, it continues to amaze me how some sports columnists make a living writing the most obvious shit that you, I, or anybody else who comments on this site and follows football closely could write. I suppose Ira was so bored that he felt the need to write about NFL Draft related shit that gives us no new insight or breaking news about what the Bucs might do. If he doesn’t have anything to write about that is newsworthy, he shouldn’t even bother boring us with another Ndamukong Suh drool fest.

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