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UPDATED: Barrett Ruud Speaks (And Speaks)

August 02, 2010 at 02:28pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

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So after I go and say how cool it is that Barrett Ruud is keeping quiet about his contract, he picks today to open up about it. He didn’t blow his top, but he made his feelings pretty clear.

“Obviously, I’m very disappointed,” Ruud said. “I’m not real happy about it. I’m very happy for Donald, very happy for Gerald (McCoy), very happy for all the guys who signed the last couple of years. But, definitely, it’s pretty frustrating on my end.”

Okay, that’s fine. That’s understandable. “Frustrating” is a good word. It doesn’t say that you’re going to throw the season, but it definitely expresses, umm, frustration. So, that’s it, right?

“You’d like the results to speak for themselves,” said Ruud, a second-round draft pick in 2005. “I think I’ve played pretty well for 48 games and I will play well for 72 games or whatever it’s going to be. I’m not going to stop playing well until I stop playing. You always want to be rewarded for your performance and that’s the bottom line.”

Well, this season makes 64 games that you’ll presumably start, but math isn’t important right now. And you’re right — you would like results to speak for themselves. And saying that you think you’ve played “pretty well” is an acknowledgment of your worth without making yourself sound like an arrogant prick, so score one there. The addition of a “keep on fighting” mentality is nice, and wrap it up with a “bottom line” statement that re-enforces the main point. Good job. *wipes off hands* Now we’re done.

“I don’t ever set any definite rules of any kind,” Ruud said. “As of now, I’m here working and kind of doing the same thing I’ve always done, just get a little bit better everyday. I’m going to keep letting my performance talk for me and whatever happens, happens.”

Just tell me when you’re finally through.

Ruud dismissed any talk that he would leave camp and become a holdout.

I’m already here now,” Ruud said. “I’m here. I’m working. If I didn’t I wouldn’t tell you anyway.”

Ruud said that he wouldn’t necessarily have done anything different with regards to his situation as a restricted free agent.
“It’s too late for that,” Ruud said. “It has worked out like it has so far, which was frustrating for me.”

Done now? So I guess Barrett was saving all his words to just spew them out at once. But it’s an elephant in the room and he felt he had to address it, so fine. But now he has played this hand. Now he needs to ignore every other question about this and say he’s just concentrating on this season and getting better and whatever. If he goes on like this again, he’s going to come across as a whiner like Jeff Garcia did.

Why did Penn get a contract and not Ruud? There could be lots of reasons. The Bucs could think they have better depth at MLB than they do at LT, so they have more leverage. They could value the position of LT more than MLB. They could think it’s easier to replace a MLB than a LT. Or, frankly, they could think that Ruud isn’t good enough to lock in just yet.

That last one is a little hard to believe, especially since they waited until the seventh round to draft a linebacker, and Dekoda Watson is an outside linebacker, anyway. They got Rico McCoy, who is a MLB, as an undrafted rookie, and I happen to love him, but he’s had his share of injuries and at 220 pounds may not be an ideal fit. So if they thought Ruud was bad, you’d think they would have at least used a mid-round pick on a developmental guy. Unless they just really love Adam Hayward.

Okay, I think I’ve about exhausted this topic. Nothing is going to get done until the end of the season anyway, and I agree with the commenter who said that this would die down soon and Ruud would just get to business and worry about the contract later. You’ll know who the dicks in the media are when they continue to probe Barrett about his feelings on this as camp and the regular season continue. There’s nothing else that can really be done or said about it, so anyone who mentions it is really just trying to stir up shit and I hope Barrett shoves their voice recorders down their throats. God, I really hope Mike Florio asks Barrett about his feelings on Donald Penn’s contract.

UPDATE: Stephen Holder drops this little bit of info.

Linebacker Barrett Ruud considered walking out of training camp on the advice of his representatives but opted not to do so.

Ruud is simmering particularly because he was told in the spring of 2009 that an offer was forthcoming. That offer never materialized and Ruud staged an offseason holdout last summer as he went into the final season of his rookie contract.

Ruud briefly wrestled with the decision to pack it in after reporting for camp on Friday but decided it was too out of character for him to take such an action.

Holder doesn’t quote this — he’s just reporting it. Ruud just addressed the media and none of his quotes say anything about this, so I’d like to know Holder’s source here. He’s not usually one to report rumor as fact, so I’ll have to assume there are parts of Ruud’s quotes that I’m missing or he told this to Holder privately, which… seems weird. But anyway, the fact that he considered leaving camp but didn’t supports the position that he’ll probably get over this pretty quickly and this will become a non-issue until the end of the season.

UPDATE 2: Stephen Holder confirmed to me via Twitter that Ruud was not the source of the “almost walked out” comments.

Ruud didnt say it. A source did.

Sigh. “A source”. But I understand. A reporter can’t always reveal who he learns things from. But it would be nice to know if it was another player or an agent or a “Buccaneer official” or whatever. Ruud could have easily just said something to someone off the cuff in a half-joking manner and he never really seriously considered walking out, but whatever. For a story that I keep trying to close, this has dragged on to over 1,000 words now.

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cce6062 (August 02, 2010 at 05:33pm:

I think it’s possible that management may be waiting to see how Ruud plays behind some decent (albeit rookie) DT’s. Living in Los Angeles, I only saw one game last year, but it’s my understanding that Ruud was making tackles like four and five yards past the line of scrimmage and didn’t make too many game-changing plays or enough tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage. Correct me if I’m wrong about that. Maybe Domenik is waiting to see what Ruud does with a slightly improved defensive line. Of course, by then I’m sure it’ll be too late and Ruud will have made up his mind that he’s not signing with the Bucs no matter how much money they offer him.

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