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November 19, 2010 at 08:59am by Scott   •  24 Comments »

I've got a bunch of pothead readers out there -- does Williams look high to you?
Mike Williams — yes, the one you care about — has been arrested for DUI.

According to the available information, Williams’ breath testing registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.065 and 0.061 percent.

Wait, isn’t .08 the legal limit? Isn’t that why it’s called a “legal limit”? I’m at a loss for what he actually did wrong here.

[This is late-breaking news, so as I was typing this entry, Stephen Holder posted some more information here.]

Williams was driving a black Cadillac 57 mph in a 45 mph zone and weaving between lanes, said Larry McKinnon, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokesman.

I’d love to see the actual footage from the cop car of Williams weaving. I have a feeling “weaving” is code for “black dude out late at night in an expensive car”.

Two tests found his blood-alcohol level at .065 and .061, records show, below the limit of .08 set by state law.

But Williams failed a field sobriety test, McKinnon said.

So Williams couldn’t simultaneously stand on one leg, touch his nose with his head bent back and recite the alphabet backwards. I understand the need for keeping the streets safe and I support arresting people for drunk driving (it’s a very brave position I’m taking, I know), but this seems petty. Did anyone check to see if this cop is a 49ers fan?

A urine test was conducted and results are pending, he said. A urine test is done if a deputy suspects a driver is impaired by a substance other than alcohol, McKinnon said.

Oh shit. Please tell me he’s not this stupid. Williams is on the same team as a dude who has been indefinitely suspended for drugs. If I were the Bucs, I would have Tanard Jackson posters on every wall at One Buc as a reminder of what can happen when you take drugs while employed by an NFL team. But I’m jumping the gun here. He may not have taken any drugs. Or he could be like David Boston way back when he fell asleep at a traffic light because he was on roofies or something that didn’t show up right away. Please, let this be a case of an overzealous cop.

Williams is out of jail now and the team will leave for San Francisco today, but there has been no comment so far as to whether Williams will travel. If Williams doesn’t play, look for Micheal Spurlock to get a lot more action.

UPDATE: According to Adam Schefter, Williams will travel to San Francisco. Schefter is also saying that Williams volunteered to take the urine test in order to prove his innocence. He seems pretty confident about it, and that makes me feel a shitload better about the situation. I should probably stop basing my mood on the lives of athletes I don’t know.

24 Comments to “UPDATED: SERIOUSLY?!?”


Crunchy4582 (November 19, 2010 at 09:22am:



Scott (November 19, 2010 at 09:27am:

I like the fact that you registered for this site just to post that. Very nice.


Culvermiser (November 19, 2010 at 09:29am:

I want the Bucs to win as much as anybody, but if I was Bucs Management, I would make him inactive for this game. Make him watch on the sideline.
Let’s hope the urine test comes clean.


TheDukeMan70 (November 19, 2010 at 09:50am:

I’m not worried. Hes under the limit which means Hitler(Goodell) cant do anything about it. I know Raheem and Freeman are going to give him an earful about being out and then calling for a ride. Other than that they should see if hes still buddies with Jeremy Stevens, and if he is, they should cut all ties with him lol

Hammered by halftime.

Hammered by halftime. (November 19, 2010 at 10:03am:

Why would you make him inactive for the game? He was under the limit and was just as likely to have been “weaving” from looking at all the nude pics that hot chicks send him, wishing they were in the passenger seat of that Cadi,as from drinking. Let’s wait until the man is found guilty of something before we tell him he can’t come to work.


Scott (November 19, 2010 at 10:24am:

NFL teams treat accused players differently. Some wait for the legal process to work itself out, some impose a punishment right away for the player even putting himself in a position to be accused. And let’s not kid ourselves that the status of the player doesn’t matter. If this was the 53rd man that got the DUI, he may already be gone by now.

And Roger Goodell has proven that he doesn’t need a conviction or proof of any kind to hand out suspensions or fines. The NFL is not the legal system and there is no “due process”. It is considered a privilege to be part of the NFL and that privilege can be revoked at any time if you are tarnishing the shield.

Mark S

Mark S (November 19, 2010 at 11:06am:

Something about this whole thing smells. His alcohol level is not high enough to produce “weaving.” Failing a roadside sobriety test is solely at the discretion of the officer. I have to wonder if this was a case of profiling and the urine test is part of a cover up to justify the officer’s actions. It will be nearly impossible to prove.


Darren47 (November 19, 2010 at 11:16am:

This is completely absurd. Call the ACLU…The team should stand behind him completely on this one. He’s below an already stringent legal level. The guy probably had three drinks over the course of a few hours. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!


PeaceDog5294 (November 19, 2010 at 11:19am:

Good gawd, lets hope he wasn’t smoking the ganja!!!


Crunchy4582 (November 19, 2010 at 11:37am:

@Scott: Thought it was about time, have been reading for a while!

Dumbass was probably texting and driving or something else equally as dumb, which gets you a ticket in GA now!

The update makes me feel a bit better, but still. DUMB ASS.


Sander (November 19, 2010 at 12:04pm:

Dumbass for doing what? Being out late at night?

I don’t see the big deal. Everything about this case basically screams that he’s innocent.


GeorgeCostanza (November 19, 2010 at 12:11pm:

Nothing like a kick in the nads to kick off Football Friday. Oy.


campyone (November 19, 2010 at 12:26pm:

NFL teams play guys with DUIs all the time without suspending them. There’s some guy whose name I forget who’s playing this week after getting his second DUI recently. So why would you suspend Williams at this point when he didn’t even blow .08?

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (November 19, 2010 at 01:03pm:

@Sander: There’s a difference between “innocent” and “not guilty”. Everything about this case may scream that he isn’t guilty, but being out at 4AM, getting pulled over and failing a field sobriety test does not scream “innocent”. He made a dumbass decision, and hopefully he’ll learn from it.

It’s hard to impress upon these kids how easily it is to step in dogshit, because they’re so young and don’t have the benefit of life experience, but somehow it’s gotta get knocked into their heads how every single decision they make is important, because they live their lives under the microscope.

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (November 19, 2010 at 01:25pm:

You know what’s weird? How every time we go out to play the Niners some weird shit happens with our team before the game. Remember, in ’05 Brian Griese was lost for the season the week before we went out to San Fran, so Chris Simms was getting his second-ever start (he had started one game the previous year, but didn’t finish it due to injury). Simms played HORRIFICALLY. It was one of the worst quarterback performances I’d ever seen. We had a much better team, started out 4-0, and yet were beaten by a pathetic 49ers team that started a 3rd-string QB (Ken Dorsey?) and ended up playing 4th string QB Cody Pickett who mostly just ran. I wanted to throw up.

In ’07, the Bucs clinched everything they could, and started mailing the season in. This was when the Bucs started screwing Jeff Garcia out of his playing bonus because the they wanted to save him for the playoffs, so they started Luke McCown, who of course made several key mistakes and gave yet another inferior 49ers team a victory.

Now, here we are, with a team that should really kick the shit out of San Fran, with another weird memorable story that may end up fucking us. If Williams can’t go, well, Sammie Stroughter better get healthy, because it will be him, Arrellious Benn, and Spurlock that’ll be catching balls for us on Sunday.


RustyRhino (November 19, 2010 at 02:20pm:

Any idea exactly when this whole weaving incident took place? I see 2:44am 4:55am swings in his arrest in different reports.


Scott (November 19, 2010 at 02:25pm:

He was arrested at 2:48 AM and booked at 4:44 AM. So at 2:48, he got into the cop car, they drove to the police station, and he sat on a bench for an hour or so until they finally got around to printing him and taking his mugshots.


Sander (November 19, 2010 at 02:32pm:

@Slow Joe: What’s the dumbass decision here? Going out late at night? Seriously, there’s no reason to think he was actually inebriated.

I can’t blame him for being out at 2AM after going out for the night if he wasn’t actually drunk.


TheBrainStem (November 19, 2010 at 07:05pm:

Chip Carter is a dick. Did any local Tampa people catch his question to Raheem about Williams being out until 3am the morning a day before they fly out. Raheem snapped with a strong reponse saying he(Mike) was a grown man. Then he posed the a question like “do you go straight home after work?”



mcLovin (November 19, 2010 at 07:06pm:

This kid is like what 23 – 24 years old? It sounds like he was probably burning the midnight oil. Full day of work, a hard practice and then he probably went out for a couple of harmless beers and what do you know, some whore groupie chick wants to suck his dick, so he goes back to her place where her best friend is at and he has a threesome for a couple of hours. Whats the harm in that? If I was a stud, rich, bachelor I’d be doing it too, he was probably just racing home so he could catch some zzzzz’s before getting up to catch his flight to San Fran. No bad decisions, he was profiled and the only weird thing is failing the field sobriety test, but as someone else mentioned that is subjective and the cop was probably just trying to prevent himself from looking like an idiot. This is going to be fine, and I don’t even see a valuable lesson he could/should learn from this.

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (November 19, 2010 at 08:52pm:

@Sander: The decision was NOT making the right decision. If you search “Mike Williams” in Google News right now, you’ll see 11,000 pages with the word “DUI” on it. If you go to NFL network,, and probably ESPN you’ll see analysts, um, analyzing how this situation “is going to affect Mike Williams and the Bucs”, and of course mention his troubles in school.

He made the dumbass decision to get behind the wheel of a car when he’s had a few (and hopefully alcohol is ALL he had) when someone with his resources could have easily taken a cab or used whatever system each NFL team provides to get their players home safely without a DUI.

Whether the cop was racist or corrupt (and I’m sure there are a few) is really irrelevant. He has got to know not to put himself in that position. And I’m sure he learned that valuable lesson last night. Hopefully.


Sander (November 20, 2010 at 10:49am:

@Slow Joe: Again, Mike Williams tested under the legal limit. If that cop has a breathalyzer on him on the road, none of this even makes the papers.

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (November 20, 2010 at 12:25pm:

Sander, you and I are talking about two totally different things. You’re talking about what his rights and protections are under the law, and I’m talking about making wise decisions in life. I imagine he could could fly to Amsterdam on the way to San Fran and do hash and then fly to Massachusetts to marry a gay man since those are both within the confines of the law, but that doesn’t make those wise decisions. :)

Even if your scenario were true (that the cop had a breathalyzer and this never made the papers), what do you think Raheem Morris and Mark Dominik would have said if Williams would have told them about it the next morning? “Great move! What a good decision, getting behind the wheel after a few drinks when you make close to half a mil a year! You should become the team mentor!” :)


Sander (November 20, 2010 at 10:59pm:

No, my point is that it doesn’t matter that he had a few if he was clearly not doing

Drunk driving is a serious offense. Drinking one or two beers and driving is not, it’s what people do when they go to a party and generally people are perfectly capable of driving responsibly with one or two beers in their bodies. Now if that tox screen comes back positive then it’s a different matter, but for now I don’t see what he did that’s so stupid.

He could’ve made better decisions, like not being out till 2:30 AM or not drinking at all. But that doesn’t make what he did stupid.

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