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Johnson > Williams

November 16, 2012 at 12:30am by Scott   •  8 Comments »

An article on Brad Johnson = Boring week
There’s nothing going on with the Bucs today that qualifies as news or even interesting, so here’s a mostly historical piece from Pat Yasinskas that compares what’s going on with the offense now with the offenses of the past. And as you might guess, it compares very favorably.

What’s happened in the past five games has vaulted the Bucs into the league lead in average yards per play (6.21). They’re averaging 28.9 points per game, which ranks them behind only New England (see Brady, Tom) and Denver (see Manning, Peyton). Speaking of Peyton Manning, he’s second in the league with an average of 8.20 yards per pass attempt. Freeman is No. 1 at 8.27.

There are some interesting nuggets in the piece and it’s worth a read, but I had to take issue with one part.

Even back during the first rise to prominence (1979), Tampa Bay was much more defined by Lee Roy Selmon and the defense than it was by the offense and Doug Williams.

Speaking of Williams, he was the best quarterback in franchise history — until Freeman’s emergence.

That’s just not true. Williams is fondly remembered because he was tough and gritty and brought the Bucs from worst to first and won a Super Bowl for the Redskins. But as a quarterback for the Bucs, Brad Johnson win hands down. Williams had a Buccaneer passer rating of 66.2, Johnson had 83.2. Williams’s completion percentage was 47.4, Johnson’s was 61.8. Williams threw 73 TDs and 73 INTs in five years while in four years Johnson threw 64 TDs and 41 INTs. And Johnson has a Super Bowl ring with a Bucs logo on it. After Freeman gets his fourth season behind him, we can compare him with the others and see if Freeman makes the jump to the top of the heap. But before him, you have to go with The Bull.

REAR ENTRIES: Selling United

February 11, 2011 at 01:53pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Rear Entry 63
Sorry for the late start today, but there isn’t shit-all happening with regard to the Bucs and if you’ve heard any opinion piece about the NFL labor issues, you’ve heard mine. “They really need to come together and work this out!” Really, asshole? Ya think? So, yeah. I found a couple small things that I’ll post below, but this entry really exists for clicky purposes only. I’m working on the wide receiver entry of the roster rundown and that will probably be ready on Monday. Okay, let’s get on with the charade.

GLAZERS TO SELL UNITED?: This isn’t a rumor mill site, it’s actually ESPN (small distinction) and they’re saying that the Glazers are only haggling over the details to sell Manchester United to Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani

The Daily Express claims that the Glazers had been holding out for an offer of closer to £2 billion, but have accepted the £1.6 billion bid, up from an initial £1.5 billion, with a “well-placed” source quoted as saying: “The deal is pretty much done and they are only haggling over details”.

That’s $2.56-billion in real money. And while it certainly seems like good news to have the Glazers completely focused on the Bucs after the deal goes down, keep in mind the many, many times the Glazer family professed their dedication to the United and their promises that they weren’t going to sell. As I said last year, my very, very brief time with Bryan Glazer left me with the impression that he was completely serious about the Bucs and in it for the long haul. But if they can change their minds about a team like Manchester United, I don’t think the Bucs are totally off-limits.

Doesn’t this seem like it should be a bigger story locally?

BRAD JOHNSON IS A CHAMP: Or, you know, was. ESPN did a bunch of two-minute videos for all the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks and here is Brad Johnson‘s. It just a fun little piece, but Brad is mistaken about one thing. The third-and-nine play he’s talking about where he rushed for ten yards was actually third-and-two. Here’s the Gamebook; the play is during the Bucs’ first drive of the second half. How many times in his career did Brad rush for any yardage at all? Five times, maybe? I think I’d remember if he converted a third-and-nine with his feet.

The Best Bucs Team Ever? Go Ahead, Guess.

June 29, 2010 at 09:52am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

It's so nice here in Historyland. Do I really have to come back to 2010?
Sorry, but since there is a lack of news and facts, we have to start delving into what other people think. And most other people are fucking morons, so their thoughts are bound to be just fascinating. For example:

Pat Yasinskas did a review of every NFC South team’s history to come up with their best ever team. He did loads of research, carefully considered all the positives and negatives of every season, and came to the controversial conclusion that the only year each team went to the Super Bowl was, in fact, their best team. If I had an emoticon that represented the dramatic chipmunk, it would go here. That means that it was 1998 for the Falcons, 2003 for the Panthers, 2009 for the Saints, and the best Bucs team ever was the 2002 squad.

Notable players: LB Derrick Brooks, DT Warren Sapp, S John Lynch, CB Ronde Barber, QB Brad Johnson, WR Keyshawn Johnson, FB Mike Alstott.

I guess Pat can’t list the whole team, but Simeon Rice should get some kind of mention here. He had 15.5 sacks and should have been the MVP of the Super Bowl. Brian Kelly also deserves acknowledgment for his 8 interceptions in 2002, which led the league. I would list them ahead of Barber or Keyshawn, both of whom were instrumental, but the other guys had better seasons.

With Brad Johnson at quarterback and Brooks, Lynch, Sapp and Barber all in their prime on defense, the Bucs were pretty much dominant as they went 12-4 and became the first NFC South champions.

Keep in mind that Pat was the guy who was saying just two weeks ago that the Bucs won in 2002 despite Brad Johnson being the starting quarterback. Now he was one of the reasons for dominance. I’m glad he got it right this time, but it’s obvious he just takes whichever position supports his argument at the time.

Most impressive win: A 26-14 victory in Week 3 in which the Bucs intercepted St. Louis quarterback Kurt Warner four times.

Yeah, that was a good one, but by then beating the Rams had become old hat. Beating Michael Vick and the Falcons in Tampa was pretty sweet. Vick couldn’t rush for shit and the defense was relentless. The Vikings game was the offensive breakthrough game. The Bucs scored 38 points and everything was clicking. The shutout against the Ravens deserves some consideration — 25 points with no offensive touchdowns. That’s a hell of a feat. Ooh, and the San Francisco game in the divisional round was total domination. That’s where Brad Johnson had to be taken off for a while because he was bleeding from his face, and as he was going to the locker room he pumped his fist and the crowd went fucking bananas. I’d have to move that Rams game down a couple notches.

Gruden came in and did what Dungy couldn’t — he won a Super Bowl. Still relying heavily on a defense built by Dungy and coordinator Monte Kiffin, Gruden was able to infuse a little bit of offense into the Buccaneers.

I have to give Pat credit here for saying the above in such a way as to give everyone proper credit and not fanning the flames of the “Gruden won with Dungy’s players” debate, which will never die. At least if Raheem Morris starts piling up a few wins and gaining a reputation, no one will ever be able to say he won with anyone else’s players. That’s the advantage of firing everyone and signing a bunch of toddlers. Hopefully in a few years, Pat will have to revise this list.

ESPN Calls Dungy Best NFC South Coach Ever

June 15, 2010 at 01:27pm by Scott   •  6 Comments »

With only a stare, Van Brocklin made this kid shit his pants.
Thanks to Jeremy Trueblood‘s fair catch yesterday, there’s no OTA today and probably not a hell of a lot going on, so we have to dig into what the real writers are doing with their time to see if we can get some material. And unfortunately, Pat Yasinskas came up with the only thing worth reading at the moment. He took on the challenging task of doing the same shit we all do when we’re with our buddies and ranked things, in his case, the top six (six?) NFC South coaches of all time. But since the NFC South is only in its ninth year of existence, he considered the entire coaching histories of the four NFC South teams. His conclusion: Tony Dungy is the best coach ever in the NFC South.

Yeah, Dungy never won a Super Bowl until he got to Indianapolis (and that factored into my thought process). Dungy did set the table for Gruden, but he did so much more than that. He came into a franchise that hadn’t had a winning season in a generation, was beyond dysfunctional and was on the verge of moving to Cleveland, Sacramento, Orlando or anywhere that would give the Bucs a new stadium.

It’s hard to argue, especially in a division with such young teams. The Falcons are the oldest team and they started in 1966, so no one really has a long and storied history of coaching legends to pull from. But for how low the Bucs were when he took over and what he developed in Tampa over six short years, you have to go with Dungy. I also agree with Yasinskas that Sean Payton should be #2. After that it gets dicey.

3. John Fox, Carolina Panthers. Yep, I did it. I picked Fox over a guy who won a Super Bowl (Gruden).

Well, then, you suck. Fox has been just as up and down in his tenure as Gruden was, going to the playoffs one year and missing them the next. Gruden’s low (4-12) was lower than Fox’s low (7-9 three times), but Gruden’s high was the highest it can get. Fox is a good coach, but outside of Dungy who established a culture in Tampa, how can you put a Super Bowl loser over a Super Bowl winner?

4. Jim Mora, New Orleans Saints. I’m doing it again. I’m looking at the big picture. Remember what I said about Dungy and Payton about how they changed the climate of their franchises? Well, Mora did the same thing in New Orleans in the 1980s.

He’s above Gruden, too? I actually like this pick better than Fox’s.

5. Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. All right, Gruden won a Super Bowl and you can never take that away from him. He put Tampa Bay over the top after Dungy couldn’t. He won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson as his quarterback and no true superstars on offense.

You sure you don’t want to put Bobby Petrino or George Seifert in here, Pat?

And why do people talk about Brad Johnson like he’s some crippled kid who got lucky enough to land on a winning football team? Johnson was a very good quarterback up until the end of his career. After the Bucs cut him, he went back to Minnesota and went 7-2 with a six game winning streak in his first season back there. He has a career passer rating of 82.6, not shabby when you consider Kurt Warner‘s career rating of 93.2. I understand people saying “they even won with Trent Dilfer” about the Ravens because Dilfer had periods with the Bucs when he truly sucked ass. Johnson never had that, at least not until he was 38 or 39.

6. Dan Reeves, Atlanta Falcons. There was a part of me that wanted to put Reeves ahead of Gruden for this simple fact: He reached a Super Bowl with Chris Chandler as his quarterback.

And there’s a part of me that wants to see Pat dropped into an industrial meat grinder and turned into several dozen pounds of meat loaf mix. I didn’t realize the Gruden hate was so deep for him. And, really, Dan fucking Reeves on this list? He had a losing record with the Falcons. If we’re going to consider coaches with losing records, you’ve got to put John McKay on this list. McKay started out with less than nothing in the expansion season, total shit thanks to the rules for expansion teams. In four years he was playing for the NFC Championship with a defense that teams were legitimately scared of. And he went to the playoffs two more times even as the talent level he was working with was getting depleted rapidly. Reeves only went to the playoffs one other time in his tenure with Atlanta besides the Super Bowl year.

I’d also like to add an honorable mention for Norm Van Brocklin, who only went 37-49-3 for Atlanta in seven seasons, but the guy was just a bad ass. Injury was no excuse to not play, he could go through an entire pack of cigarettes on the sidelines in one game, and his swearing put Jon Gruden to shame. He was old school all the way, lived hard and died young. Fox may have a better win-loss record, but I know who I’d want on my side in a street fight.

So anyway, there’s Pat’s list. Basically, Dungy is the best, Payton is second, and Gruden can suck Pat’s balls because the only reason he’s on there is the Super Bowl victory he accidentally stumbled into. And Van Brocklin is cooler than all of them combined. In fact, I’m changing the banner pic. Dungy gets his mug on enough shit.

Brad Johnson Is Old, Experienced

October 24, 2008 at 09:54am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Brad's towel covers up the onion he has tied to his belt, which was the style at the time.
Most of the pre-game chatter is about how a 40-year old Brad Johnson is going to do against the Buccaneer defense. Did I mention Brad was 40? The Tribune makes an easy AARP joke and the Dallas Morning News is already interviewing Brooks Bollinger to make sure he’s ready to go in case Johnson gets distracted by a Denny’s early bird special or something and leaves the stadium.

For his part, Johnson is treating this like any other game and not giving any kind of sentimental significance to it just because it’s the Bucs.

“I’ve been away from Tampa for almost four years, and I am really just looking forward to playing the game, not really caught up in the emotions of a different team I have played for,” said Johnson, in his 17th NFL season. “The players I played with really aren’t there, as a whole, anymore.”

Mickey Spagnola, a writer for who sounds like he should own a pizzeria, thinks Johnson is getting too much of the blame for the Cowboys being so crappy against the so-much-crappier Rams.

Some life these backup quarterbacks have. Don’t start a game in 22 months, then on top of that, don’t get sufficient protection, much help from your running game, your defense caves in on you and special teams, geesh. But everyone is quick to point out how poorly you played when you passed for 71 more yards than the starting quarterback who beat you and got sacked two less times while throwing 15 more passes.

Yeah, Johnson was intercepted three times, but two of those are hard to put on him if you want to look at them realistically. Now if you want to pile on so you can basically, say, ‘See I told you this guy wasn’t any good,’ so be it. Close your eyes if you must.

This guy has almost convinced me that Johnson is going to be better this weekend than he was last weekend. He knows how to study film and learn from his mistakes. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that their offensive line is going to protect him better than they did last week when he was sacked three times and “hurried” eleven. Whereas last week was about the offensive line, this week is going to be about the defensive line. If they can get pressure on Johnson around all those sides-of-beef they call offensive linemen — real pressure, not that no sack bullshit they hand last week — they’ll win.

In injury news, Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard and Cadillac Williams all practiced yesterday. Williams took snaps with the scout team and pretended to run like Marion Barber. B.J. Askew, Maurice Stovall and Warrick Dunn were held out, although I expect Dunn to play. And so does he.

Bucs Might See The Mighty Quinn

October 22, 2008 at 01:47pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Quinn Gray is so happy that he'll be able to afford a pillow this week.
That creaking sound you’re hearing is Bruce Gradkowski hanging himself from a ceiling fan because he lost out on the Kansas City job to Quinn Gray.

The Chiefs signed quarterback Quinn Gray and he was to be at practice with the Chiefs today.

Gray formerly played with Jacksonville. He was one of two quarterbacks to workout for the Chiefs on Tuesday. Bruce Gradkowski was the other.

Brodie Croyle will be placed on the injured-reserve list and have surgery soon to repair torn knee ligaments.

So, Croyle is out, Damon Huard has been hurt twice and Tyler Thigpen has a stupid name. It is certainly possible that Gray will be the quarterback for the Chiefs when the Bucs go to Kansas City in two weeks. I would taunt him more, but that fucker beat the Bucs when he was with Jacksonville last year with a last-second pass to Matt Jones. He only completed seven passes for 100 yards, but he made them count. Of course, he had a decent offensive line in Jacksonville, too. I think Kansas City has replaced most of their line with their Fathead equivalents.

Can you believe some of these quarterbacks the Bucs are facing this year? Brad Johnson, Matt Ryan, Gus Frerotte, JaMarcus Russell, Aaron Rodgers, whoever Kansas City and Detroit decide to field. These are guys either in their first real, active season in the NFL or their ninetieth. It reminds me a lot of the 2002 season when they faced such powerhouse quarterbacks as Randy Fasani, Akili Smith and Henry Burris. Hey, they were 5-2 during that season, too. I seem to remember that it turned out pretty good in the end.

UPDATE: Motherfucker, Stephen Holder wrote something very similar to this last paragraph about two hours before I did. I hadn’t seen it when I started writing but it still makes me look like a jackass. I mean, more of a jackass.

Brad Johnson Should Update His Will

October 22, 2008 at 09:27am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Jessica Simpson doesn't do clickys.  Bitch.
According to Tony Romo, Brad Johnson will start for the Cowboys against the Bucs on Sunday.

“I’ll say it will be Brad,” Romo said. “Brad is going to go this week, unless something different happens that we don’t foresee. It will be very difficult to change.

At one point while Johnson was still with the Bucs, he had the third-highest completion percentage in NFL history. By now he must have dropped out of the Top 25 because he’s been sucking koala cock for the last couple years. Against the Rams, Johnson completed 50% of his passes, was picked three times and had a 45.5 passer rating — against the Rams. The Rams had the worst-ranked everything before that game.

Backing up Johnson is Brooks Bollinger, whose parents were too poor to be able to afford a first name for him. Bollinger last played for the Vikings where he started one game and was sacked seven times. Granted, the Dallas offensive line is better than the Minnesota one was last year, but if this guy can’t find an open receiver, he’s shown that he’ll hold onto the ball too long and take the sack. Unlike Johnson who will throw the ball in any old direction. Regardless of who is in for Romo, this is gonna be sweeeeeet.

I’m so glad Jeff Garcia is our quarterback instead of Romo. Photos of Jessica Simpson aren’t hard to come by, but she doesn’t take the ones that I have to hide behind clickys. Say what you want about Garcia, but he really thinks of the bloggers when he picks his broads.

Wittle Tony Womo Bwoke His Pinky

October 13, 2008 at 12:41pm by Scott   •  7 Comments »

Yeah, he looks happy to get flushed out of the pocket.
It sounds like such a pussy injury, doesn’t it? Broken pinky. I know it’s on his throwing hand and that means he can’t grip or throw a ball, but still. Waaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

The reason I care at all about this is because the Bucs play the Cowboys in two weeks. And Tony Romo will be out four weeks. So unless Jerry Jones makes some weird personnel moves between now and then, the Bucs defense will be facing Brad Johnson on October 26. You thought Brian Griese was weak-armed and immobile? Johnson makes Griese look like Steve Young. Brad’s wife might as well order the headstone now. It’s gonna be a slaughter.

Cowboys And Bears Scouts Were Watching Miami Game

August 11, 2008 at 12:54pm by Scott   •  No Comments »

According to the Times, scouts from the Cowboys and Bears were at the game Saturday night.

Among the teams with scouts in the press box Saturday night were the Bears and Cowboys, both of whom seem to have interest in Simms.

It’s my understanding that scouts from other teams regularly attend games around the league, especially during preseason when a lot of the guys on the field will be available in a couple weeks. But we all know the Cowboys are looking for a backup with fewer rings around his trunk than Brad Johnson and that the Bears just want someone, anyone better than the two goons they have up there. They got to see two quarterbacks who are likely available at a very reasonable price: Chris Simms and Josh McCown. And if that’s who they were really there to see, Simms outperformed McCown.

McCown was all right, but Simms seemed to show more poise and definitely had a better touch on the ball. One thing Simms did show, though, is that he isn’t going to outrun anyone. He probably has all that poise in the pocket because he knows he can’t go anywhere, so he just stands there and takes it. Whatever. Simms will be better off personally with either one of those clubs that he will in Tampa Bay. Since Brian Griese didn’t embarrass himself by lining up under a tackle or sitting on the ball like a chicken egg or something, that scenario I had where Simms beat out Griese for a roster spot won’t happen and Simms will either be traded or released before the regular season starts. And then we’ll be down to just one malcontent quarterback.

Wow, this is a pretty boring picture.  There's just nothing funny to write about it.

Chris Simms Would Play In Dallas, Anywhere Else

July 08, 2008 at 08:55am by Scott   •  No Comments »

A brief article in the Star-Telegram speculates that the Cowboys are in the market for a replacement for Brad Johnson, who is currently serving as Tony Romo‘s backup. Again, the name that comes up is Chris Simms.

The name that continues to float around Valley Ranch is former Texas star Chris Simms. Simms, 26, is under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and has told friends he would definitely be interested in signing with the Cowboys.

I’m not sure if “floating around Valley Ranch” means that people in the Cowboys front office are considering Simms or if it’s this reporter just throwing his name out there because he’s a Simms fan. Either way, it’s funny because Simms said he’d be interested in playing for the Cowboys. Simms would have no chance to start in Dallas and Romo’s contract runs through 2013, so it’s not like he would be next on deck or anything. If he would have just come into minicamp and competed and shown the Bucs that he can do everything he says he can do, he would have had a shot to have the exact same job in Tampa that he would have in Dallas: backup quarterback. But Jeff Garcia‘s tenure in Tampa is going to be a lot shorter than Romo’s in Dallas, so Tampa would seem to be the better scenario for him. Not that it matters now.

Dude, can you just put in a good word for me with Coughlin?  I can't put by current boss down as a reference, but I'm totally reliable and shit.