Josh Freeman

Archived Stats

Were you wondering why this site was called Bucstats when there are no stats of any kind on the home page? Well, for years I kept reasonably extensive stats of every season and player and, while it was personally satisfying to do and maintain, just took sooooo long to get right. And if I wanted to keep the pace of posting a few quality [sic] articles every day, something had to give. So I gave up keeping the stats up to date.

But don't dispair. The Buccaneers' own web site has an extensive history section, including the official all-time roster. has also really raised their game with historical stats. And if those aren't enough for you is as close to a comprehensive archive of everything Buccaneers-related as you can get.

As far as this site goes, I worked too hard on the styats to just press DELETE and watch them burn away. So I've kept them here, less for historic importance and more for my own ego. Don't you dare judge me. So knock yourselves out and enjoy.