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Geno Hayes Was Arrested, Tased, Unaffected

December 13, 2010 at 04:55pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Geno Hayes's mugshot
Just to let everyone know, I have some stuff going on over the next couple days that is going to make getting entries up here in a timely manner tough. I’ll post when I can, but tomorrow is probably going to be tough. If you can’t contain your opinions until a proper entry is posted, I recommend using the forum. Pretty much anything goes there.

One thing I haven’t covered yet is Geno Hayes‘s arrest this morning for disorderly conduct and trespassing in a Tampa bar. Getting arrested for trespassing in a place that’s open to the public is pretty impressive.

Police used a Taser on Hayes after he became aggressive with police during an incident that started with another man, according to police. Hayes overheard a security guard wouldn’t let his friend into the lounge for being underdressed. Police said Hayes pushed a police officer out of the way to stand between her and two disruptive men.

There’s more to the story, but essentially Hayes was escorted out of the bar, told not to return, and he did anyway. The story says the Taser was ineffective because of Hayes’s clothing, but I like to think that it’s because the Buccaneers are made up of superhuman robot gladiators. Superhuman robot gladiators who don’t know when to just go to another bar, apparently. Is there something so special about the Blue Martini on Westshore that is worth getting shot with 50,000 volts? Are the waitresses all topless Asians strippers with implants and no grasp of the English language? Because then you might be able to persuade me.

For his part, Raheem Morris said that Hayes won’t be suspended for this arrest.

Morris said the Bucs will handle Hayes’ discipline internally and there are no plans to suspend the linebacker.

“Geno will be here Sunday,” Morris said. “We’ll handle our discipline in house like we always do.”

Well, it’s not always handled in-house. Aqib Talib was suspended by the league for a game for that shit with the cab driver. It was a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy and the league has that authority. It may end up not being Morris’s decision whether or not Hayes is suspended, and the NFL doesn’t always wait until the legal system has run its course. In fact, they almost never do.

Honestly, it sounds like they’re letting Hayes off light. It says he pushed a cop out of the way, and once you lay your hands on a cop you can pretty much assume that you’re getting a baton up the ass, minimum. They’re not even charging him with assault on a police officer, and trespassing and disorderly conduct are toward the bottom of the “Things the NFL will jump your ass for” spectrum, so Hayes would be well-advised to just apologize to the world, take his punishment and build a bar in his house and then he can enforce whatever dress code he wants. But he should steal that Asian stripper idea. And invite all Bucstats readers for the grand opening.

2 Comments to “Geno Hayes Was Arrested, Tased, Unaffected”


Louie (December 13, 2010 at 06:30pm:

I’m up for Geno’s grand opening!

Scott, good luck tomorrow!


campyone (December 15, 2010 at 09:36am:

First Gano loses a game for Redskins with his botched FGs, now Hayes is tased and arrested for a bar incident just like he was at FSU. Way to guys, carry on those great Seminole traditions.

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