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Chuck Smith Out As Vols DL Coach

February 07, 2011 at 10:08am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Before all you Gator fans skip over this post, it actually might have some Buccaneer implications, so go ahead and have whoever is reading this to you keep going for a few more sentences.

Chuck Smith, the former Atlanta Falcons defensive end was hired as the Tennessee Volunteers’ defensive line coach last February. One year later, he is leaving UT as part of a “mutual decision”, which very likely means he is being fired.

In what was termed a mutual decision according to a school release on Sunday evening, UT announced the first departure under Derek Dooley‘s watch with defensive line coach Chuck Smith parting ways with his alma mater to “pursue other career opportunities.”

I bring this up on this blog because the Bucs are still looking for a defensive line coach and Raheem Morris has specifically said that he will likely come from the college ranks. Smith has worked with some of the current Bucs defensive linemen in the past at the camp he ran before he took the UT job, although that may not work to his benefit. I mean, you saw those guys. But to his credit, he has also worked with Albert Haynesworth, Osi Umenyiora and Shaun Rodgers. Whether or not he made those guys any better, you’d have to ask them. But I think Smith will at least be considered for the Bucs job.

If there’s no CBA by the March 4 deadline, coaches will be barred from communicating with players in any way. This means that coaches should be working with players right now, giving them agendas for how to conduct off-site training until the new deal gets done. You’d think that the Bucs would want to get that spot filled so the new coach could install whatever scheme he wants to run now and have the players work on it during the stoppage. Or maybe Raheem feels like he has this all under control and doesn’t need to rush to fill the position, especially considering he won’t have any players to work with in a few weeks.

Oh man, the Super Bowl was really it, wasn’t it? That was the end of football at least until training camp, maybe longer. Baseball sucks, NASCAR is boring, college basketball only has another month. Isn’t there a professional oil wrestling league somewhere? Even an amateur league would be okay. Actually, now that I think about it, I’d probably prefer the amateur league.

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Louie (February 07, 2011 at 04:03pm:

So, the Bucs want a guy who couldn’t keep his job a UT? Seriously???!!!

…just messing with you, Scott.

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