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REAR ENTRIES: Return Of The Rear Entry

April 25, 2011 at 10:33am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Rear Entry 72

BUCS SERIOUS ABOUT CHARACTER: According to an upcoming draft pick who had a meeting with the team, the Bucs have been more focused on character than any other team in the league. For players, anyhow.

There is no foolproof method, but after meeting with the Bucs, prospects know character is being stressed. According to one prospect who recently visited One Buc Place, the team discussed character more extensively than other clubs. Team officials quizzed him about his past, his family and, in particular, his habits.

Habits? Like smoking and drinking or like picking up hitchhiking Cuban transients and implying that you’ll throw them off a bridge if they don’t dress like clowns and sing “Mademoiselle from Armentières” for your amusement? Because some things just shouldn’t matter to an employer. If the Bucs don’t stop being so picky, they’re not going to have anyone left to draft.

FENNELLY IS BACK: I bitch about him, but I have to admit that I miss him when he’s gone. It’s like I have some deep need to say the words, “Holy shit, that’s awful!” a certain number of times per month and no one can make me do it like Martin. It’s the same reason I always look forward to new Black Eyed Peas albums. In his latest sharticle, Fennelly covers the draft, Aqib Talib and the lockout with his standard contempt for humor and intelligence.

Sometime late Thursday, the Bucs will probably use the 20th pick of the 2011 NFL draft to find a pass rusher, one from London, if possible.

Because… the Bucs are playing in London again? And so they must like London a lot? Still trying to figure out why this is funny.

It’s a different kind of offseason, and we’re not even talking about what we can only hope is the Bucs Last Annual Drinking and Driving Festival.

Do two people make a festival? Because this offseason it’s just been Shelton Quarles and Jay Kaiser. Chris Mosley was last September.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. continue to battle for world supremacy.

And don’t forget their special “Easter” mock draft. Sneak preview: Judas sliding down board, “character issues.”

Yep, you can never go wrong with a Christianity joke. On Easter. And I’m just a third of the way down the page with this crap. This one isn’t so much infuriating as it is exasperating, but either way it filled that need of mine to point and gawk, and I have to thank him for it.

MCCANTS ARRESTED AGAIN: This is becoming an annual story, but Keith McCants was arrested. Again. For drugs. Again.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Alvin Keith McCants is in jail after being arrested on a cocaine possession charge.

Pinellas County Jail records show the 43-year-old McCants was also booked Saturday afternoon on a charge of resisting an officer. Bond was set at $4,000.

McCants is also being held on a warrant from Mobile, Ala., for failure to appear on a controlled substance charge.

Man, that dude has got a lot of mugshots. Like, dozens. Well, I won’t kick the guys while he’s down, which seems to be always, so I’ll just use a picture from his good old days back when he had hope in his eyes and functioning sinuses and Sam Wyche roamed the sidelines with impunity.

2 Comments to “REAR ENTRIES: Return Of The Rear Entry”

Mark S

Mark S (April 25, 2011 at 11:41am:

Great humor Scott.
I love this site and my second favorite it PFW. Here is their latest mock draft. It has Da’Qaun dropping to 28th, 3 QBs in the top ten.


HouseofG (April 25, 2011 at 02:06pm:

I seriously thought I was missing something with a basis in reality with that “London” comment of his, but, nope, guess not! I can’t believe you let “Once Buc Place” slide though, Scott. I don’t think I was able read past the first paragraph, so thanks for letting me know that I didn’t miss a thing.

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