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Rookies On Twitter

May 18, 2011 at 11:49am by Scott   •  4 Comments »

I don't know that she is a stripper. But then again, I don't know that she isn't one either.
With no Bucs news to speak of, we’re left to troll social media for any scraps of something noteworthy. And there’s nothing there, either. Here are the Bucs rookies who have Twitter accounts:

Adrian Clayborn (@ajaclay)
Da’Quan Bowers (@DaQuanBowers93)
Mason Foster (@Mason_Foster)
Luke Stocker (@LukeStocker88)
Ahmad Black (@ahmadblack35)
Allen Bradford (@AllenBradford21)
Anthony Gaitor (@A_GAITOR)

I can’t find one for Daniel Hardy, but to be fair I don’t think they have the internet in Idaho yet. After cruising through some of their more recent musings, I have concluded that they’re all boring as shit. The exception is Clayborn who has a couple interesting things to say, especially out of context.

@TSash @ryanvogt27 hahaha 4 bucks and a strippers thong

Does Clayborn like strippers? Because I heard Tampa might have a couple. Also, he needs money.

now i have people persuading me for retweets! Clayborn is now selling retweets for 5 bucks! #lockoutmode lol

im thinking of side jobs while in #lockoutmode sell fruit? wash cars? cut grass? bodyguard? taxi driver?? help!

Were you interested in his thoughts on Lady Gaga? Of course you were.

Gaga got some junk in her truck lol. Old school chevy type of butt lol

Anybody watching this lady gaga concert thing on HBO? I want to change the channel but I can’t. Its interesting

The best of the rest: How about this exchange between the Raiders’ Jacoby Ford and Bowers.

@DaQuanBowers93 how bout it

@JacobyFord12 get lost thanks

Not sure what provoked that outburst, but I’d appreciate it if he would have a couple more.

Can anyone help Black out?

I wanna go fishing…any good fishing spots in Tampa?

Anybody got extra tickets to the rays game tomorrow?

And in you’re into Playstation, you could play with him. “Hey, I just shot Ahmad Black in the face in Call of Duty!”

hit me up on the playstation network ablack3535

I ain’t gonna lie, I been a lil video game freak ever since the PS network been back up lmao

Bradford doesn’t say much that isn’t directed at someone personally, but when he does, it comes out like this:

I Will die to be great even if it kills u straight up

Not sure what to do with that. Also, he’s not afraid of the n-word.

While Black is looking for PS3 challenges, Gaitor just wants a Bible verse.

#oomf send me a verse to read tonight

Doesn’t “oomf” mean “out of my face”? Well, at least he found a couple.

Psalm 91 and John 3:17 what it is tonight #godisgood

And there they are, your 2011 Buccaneers rookies. Even I’m ashamed that this qualified for a blog entry.

4 Comments to “Rookies On Twitter”


Glen_Runciter (May 18, 2011 at 12:28pm:

nice job at being able to find two tweets from Clayborn which doesnt end in “lol”


mr.smith (May 18, 2011 at 01:13pm:

Someone is rather bored.


manbearpig (May 18, 2011 at 03:28pm:

I’m sending him a ps3 invite as I type. I will knife our new rookie till he dies.


Bricen (May 18, 2011 at 05:11pm:

Maybe Adrian can straighten out Aquib’s problem with taxi drivers.

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