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UPDATED: The World Is Again Safe From Tinting

June 01, 2011 at 09:19am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

This is the first image in a GIS for Warrick Dunn. Walter Payton Man of the Year award. WHAT ARE YOU HIDING, WARRICK?

UPDATE: Warrick responded to my Twitter inquiry and said he was driving a Cayenne Porsche when he was pulled over. Obviously, no black man who isn’t selling guns or drugs could afford a car this expensive (except, for some reason, Tyler Perry), so the police were 100% correct to pull him over and ask him all kinds of personal and intrusive questions. Walk the streets of Atlanta with confidence, people. Your safety from dark windows and dark people is assured.

We knew players were going to get in trouble during this lockout. Without the rigid structure of football and OTAs, some guys just have too much time on their hands and they end up running afoul of the law. But you never expect it to be this bad.

Warrick Dunn, who played six seasons with the Falcons from 2002-2007, reported on Twitter that he was stopped outside Atlanta by police who told him his window tinting was too dark and that he fit the profile of a criminal. Dunn said he was not charged, but received a warning.

I just thank Jesus that the cops showed up before Dunn went completely nuts and turned his stereo up. Dunn is widely known for being a recidivist who is constantly thumbing his nose at the law with his… windows. I mean, who knows what could be happening in that car if the police can’t see inside it? He could be talking on a cell phone WHILE DRIVING.

Dunn took to Twitter to document the incident.

“Got pulled over today by police outside of atl and they stopped me because he said my window tint was too dark. During the stop he ask a lot of personal questions and said I had the characteristic of people transporting drugs and guns. So he searched my car and he me a warning for my tint. I felt violated and I’ve had my car since 08 and never got pulled over for tint. That ruined my morning but not my spirit. I was Taken back because I think the reasoning was bad and they are trying to fill end of the month quotas. Also its a holiday weekend. Go figure. The funny thing is you can see inside because my tint is not dark.”

“Had the characteristic of people transporting drugs and guns” = Black dude driving a nice car. Well, at least it all makes sense. No one in Atlanta has any reason to know who Warrick Dunn is, and it’s not like he has a reputation for being a model citizen or a community leader or a philanthropist or anything.

It was about 25 years ago that NWA started bitching about this kind of thing publicly. Shit doesn’t change much, does it? “Searchin’ my car, looking for the product.”

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cover2blitz0 (June 01, 2011 at 04:58pm:

“Had the characteristic of people transporting drugs and guns” = Black dude driving a nice car…. lol

I think it was dunns physical stature that worried the cop. all 5’8 180 of him

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