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Rear Entry 77

TYRONE MCKENZIE PROFILED: Pewter Report has a nice, in-depth article on Tyrone McKenzie and how he’s training during this offseason. The coaches really like him and he gives the team some leverage when dealing with the free agency of Quincy Black.

“Since Day One when I got here I grabbed on to Coach Baker and was like a sponge. If it weren’t for the lockout I would probably be at Coach Baker’s house right now. I love the game of football and I want to be accountable to my teammates. If they want me to play middle linebacker, I’ll play it. I can play it. I’ll do whatever I can to help the team. I’ll put the work in and be there until midnight every night to make sure I’m on top of my game so I can make sure everyone else is on top of their game.”

McKenzie also leaks that the players are planning a serious get together in the coming weeks.

“We have a lot of guys that live in the Bay area and we are trying to take this to another level, and we’re working on getting the entire team together in a couple weeks for one big OTA. I can’t wait.”

Hell, you can’t get the entire team together when there isn’t a lockout. It would be amazing if Josh Freeman could make it happen.

COMMISH CONFERENCE CALL: The Commissioner conducted a conference call with Buccaneers season ticket holders, a call I was able to listen in on. I had two questions prepared, a serious one and a dick one. Someone else asked the serious one and I decided against the dick one because, well, it would have been a dick move. He didn’t say anything important anyway. The Buccaneers web site has a good rundown of the call if you’re interested. The only thing remotely noteworthy that he said was concerning ticket prices.

“This has been part of our discussions: We can’t continue to shift the costs – the rising player costs and the rising cost of operating an NFL franchise – to our fans. There’s just a limit to what you can do on that, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re trying to get a better economic model.”

Yes, of course. This whole labor dispute isn’t because the owners and players want to keep more cash for themselves, but because they want to save the fans money. The Commissioner then told us about a Nigerian prince he happens to know who has some funds he needs laundered and is willing to cut us all in on the deal.

CHEERLEADERS GET HAIRCUTS: The cheerleaders haven’t unionized yet, so it’s business as usual for them so far this offseason. As such, the rookie cheerleaders all got transformed into Cathy Boyd‘s vision of how they should look on the field, just like they do every year. I didn’t think a video of cheerleaders getting treated like human Barbie dolls for the purposes of gawking at them could be boring, so color me surprised at how amazingly dull this is. I’ll probably only be able to jerk to it two or three more times max.

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