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Bowers’s Knee Is “Full Go”

July 05, 2011 at 10:13am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Bowers holds his hand over his right knee to keep the bone from popping out.
Da’Quan Bowers has certified that his right knee, the same knee that scared the shit out of every team in the NFL and pushed him into the second round of the draft, is A-OK.

My knee is great,” the defensive end told WDAE-AM on Friday. “It’s back to where I needed it to be. You know, It’s back to playing shape. You know, I’ve been rehabbing and working out all throughout the whole summer, even through the lockout. The knee is fine. I’m running, cutting, jumping. Everything’s a full go.”

A knee injury alone isn’t enough to keep a true college star out of the first round, though. Hell, everyone saw what happened to Willis McGahee right before he entered the draft and he was still picked in the first round.

No, the thing that really made teams skip him and move down their boards was the rumor that Bowers had a degenerative condition in his knee similar to arthritis and that his career was destined to be short-lived. Bowers would like all of those guys to know that they fucked up, although he says it nicer.

Asked if the knee injury was degenerative, as some reports have suggested, Bowers said, “That’s not the case,” adding that renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews “has seen much worse knees than mine that went on to have great careers in the NFL.”

No one is really going to know anything until real training camp starts and we all see if he is going full speed or not. The Bucs’ doctors will x-ray and poke and scan and test the shit out of that knee before they let him get off the stationary bike. But if we’ve learned anything from Cadillac Williams it’s that the Bucs know how to rehab knees, so if they give the okay, we’ll expect him to perform.

We knew Bowers skipped Camp Freeman, but it appears he also skipped the rookie symposium.

“I didn’t want to miss rehab and training,” Bowers explained. “You know, I thought that this was a crucial point coming that the lockout may end in the next couple weeks. I didn’t want to put myself behind in the great rehab program I have going for myself, so I decided to skip the symposium and the minicamp.

“I didn’t want to miss any rehab time or anything that would slow me down from, you know, being where I needed to be come camp time.”

The symposium was two days and Camp Freeman was three. Would it have been that big a deal to make an appearance even if he didn’t participate? Brian Price and his bionic hip made it. I’m sure whoever is coordinating his rehab could have given him instructions that would have held him for a couple days, especially considering that the camp was at an athletic facility with trainers on staff. But whatever, I’m nitpicking now. As long as the dude buries his helmet in Drew Brees‘s chest a couple times this season, no one will remember he was absent for the minicamp

5 Comments to “Bowers’s Knee Is “Full Go””

Mark S

Mark S (July 05, 2011 at 10:25am:

I think Da’Quan’s comment is football speak, for “After working my ass off all summer, no way am I going to risk even a freak injury. I am staying where I am safe so I can kick ass once training camp begins.”


forthntwint (July 05, 2011 at 12:08pm:


Mark S

Mark S (July 05, 2011 at 02:26pm:

McCoy is saying and doing all the right stuff.


BamBamBuc (July 05, 2011 at 07:48pm:

Bowers should see decent playing time this year, even if it’s not every down. Sounds like his knee is fine, but we’ll know more when the team doctors actually get a look. Another site was bitching because Bowers said his knee is full go, but missed the camp and symposium due to “rehab”. I think that’s just Bowers saying he’s still working out, conditioning and strength training with the rehab people he’s been working with. He could also have said he felt it was better to “lift weights only” at this stage, instead of “rehab”, and nobody would have gave a crap.


campyone (July 06, 2011 at 04:06pm:

I guess it’s more reassuring to be hearing Bowers say this than to hear him say his knee is a total wreck. But not by a whole lot. What else is he going to say except that the knee is great?

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