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REAR ENTRIES: Pinchy Pinchy

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Rear Entry 83

AHMAD BLACK INTERVIEW: Pewter Report caught up with Ahmad Black and talked about the standard stuff, including his preparation for the NFL. He’s been talking to some of his former Florida teammates and they’ve apparently been telling him that the transition isn’t such a big deal.

“In talking to some of the guys they say the speed probably will only be a little bit faster than what I’m used to,” said Black.

What is consistently the one thing rookies say is totally different from college? The speed of the game. So his friends may be giving him so bad information. This is where my Gator readers will tell me that the speed at Florida is already approaching NFL levels, but I’m not talking about running away from Gainesville cops.

Oh, and Black says he wasn’t invited to Camp Freeman.

“I wasn’t invited, so I didn’t go,” said Black.

Adrian Clayborn and Luke Stocker made it. Why would Josh Freeman invite only some of the rookies? No one else had a problem saying they didn’t want to go, so I’m not sure what the deal is here.

WILL THE NFL DISCIPLINE TALIB?: There’s still talk that legal problems during the lockout could bring league discipline after the league year finally starts.

“Violations of law, that’s covered by the personal conduct policy,’’ league counsel Jeff Pash said. “We believe that policy remains in effect.’’

And that would be complete bullshit if true. The league ended the CBA, the league locked the players out and prevented them from working and fulfilling their contracts, and yet the league still wants the players to be bound by the conduct policy? Oh, fuck you, NFL. I’m no Aqib Talib fan, but that would be completely unfair. Next year if Talib is convicted, that’s another story. But players who were arrested during the lockout should not be subject to any league discipline because the league took active steps to disassociate themselves from the players.

WILL THE BUCS SELECT TERRELLE PRYOR?: Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State) is entering the NFL’s supplemental draft and Pewter Report makes a couple good points as to why the Bucs could take him.

Tampa Bay could look at Pryor as a developmental project behind starter Josh Freeman. After this season the Bucs are likely to lose backup quarterback Josh Johnson in free agency. His contract will be up and he wants the opportunity to compete to be a starter. The NFL lockout took away just about any chance the Bucs had at trading Johnson for a draft pick.

There’s no way they bid anything more than a sixth-rounder for Pryor and that may not be enough to get him. But Pryor has to have more upside than Rudy Carpenter and grooming a backup for three or four years and then getting a second-rounder or so out of him down the road isn’t the worst idea.

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Meatmaster (July 22, 2011 at 03:42pm:

Is that Sophie Howard? I was gonna comment on the story but forgot to read it.


Scott (July 22, 2011 at 04:34pm:

This one was inspired by a conversation I had on Wednesday. It was a pleasant conversation.

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