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Some Things I Heard Over The Weekend

August 01, 2011 at 10:57am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

If Lumpkin impressed during camp, I'll forgive him for going to Georgia.

That thing I said the other day about Cody Grimm being completely healed from his broken leg? Yeah, not so much. Yesterday, Josh Freeman fired a flea clicker over Grimm to Dezmon Briscoe for a touchdown and there was no way Grimm could catch him. Later, Grimm admitted that he’s still not 100%. This is going to leave some room for Corey Lynch, Ahmad Black or Larry Asante to make a statement that they should start on opening day.

Briscoe looks smooth and fast, picking up right where he left off last season.

With Kareem Huggins out of the picture and Cadillac Williams still unsigned, Kregg Lumpkin is making a play for one of the RB spots. LeGarrette Blount, Allen Bradford and Lumpkin at HB with Erik Lorig and Earnest Graham at FB this season?

Lumpkin is willing to do whatever he has to do, including pass-blocking.

Lumpkin already has one of the hardest parts of the job down. He says he’s not afraid at all to stick his head into a pass rusher’s gut and throw a block for his quarterback.

“No, I’m not afraid at all,” said Lumpkin, who learned a lot about playing the third-down role from Williams last year. “He taught me how to read the defense, how to run certain routes, how to make a (tackler) miss you.”

Da’Quan Bowers is clearly outperforming Kyle Moore for the left end spot. And Moore isn’t doing badly — Bowers is just that fast.

Adrian Clayborn looks good, too, but not as far ahead as Bowers. Clayborn was stonewalled by Donald Penn on 1-on-1s.

Roy Miller easily starts in front of Brian Price at this point. Price is overweight and still not 100%.

Tyrone McKenzie has taken over the linebacker leadership role. The coaches want to give Mason Foster every opportunity, but McKenzie may simply not allow it to happen for him this season. McKenzie is staking his claim.

Guess who made an interception. Nick Reveiz. Guess who he picked off. Not one of the backups — Freeman.

To fill in for Luke Stocker‘s absence, the Bucs signed rookie free agent Jose Cruz out of Syracuse. It’s not a threat to Stocker’s job (I mean, how could it be?), but it seems like they already had enough tight ends with Nathan Overbay, Ryan Purvis and Daniel Fells on the roster.

The more interesting part of that story is that the team cut Aaron Feld, a dedicated long snapper, to make room for a sixth tight end. I looked at the Bucs’ roster and they still have Andrew Economos (who isn’t going to be ready for the season) and a rookie named Christian Yount out of UCLA as long snappers as well.

The Bucs will be in pads for the first time this evening.

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jampersands (August 01, 2011 at 05:48pm:

Nice recap. I’m solidly in Tyrone McKenzie’s corner at this point. I like Foster, but I really respect how McKenzie’s worked his way out of obscurity.

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