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Not Good Enough But Better Than Expected

November 21, 2011 at 12:29pm by Scott   •  7 Comments »

Packers 1

So, yesterday’s game wasn’t a wretched piece of shit that makes you embarrassed for yourself and your community, and that’s a definite step forward. In fact, it was actually a pretty good game by the Bucs and if they had played it against just about any other team, they probably would have won. But they played the Packers and they’re made of pixie dust this year and Aaron Rodgers is the perfect combination of EVERYTHING so here the Bucs sit at 4-6. At least my Volunteers beat Aaron’s brother, Jordan, who plays for Vanderbilt. But even that was too close for comfort. If the Vols had lost that one, I would have had to add the Rodgers family to my list of families to kill. But first, the Baldwins. Except Alec. I still loves me some 30 Rock.

Josh Freeman calmed down and had a relatively decent day. I’d still like to see him pull the ball down an run a little more when the opportunity is there (like on his interception to Tramon Williams when he had Arrelious Benn in front of him to block), but overall he wasn’t bad. He wasn’t betrayed nearly as much by his wide receivers as he has been in the past either, making for a 78% completion percentage.

Mike Williams looked like his old self. Maybe he called Fred Biletnikoff and bought some of his super-secret invisible Stickum. I didn’t notice any drops, so whatever works. Beautiful touchdown slant, too.

All the other receivers — Benn, Dezmon Briscoe, Preston Parker — came through in clutch situations. I’m guessing Eric Yarber changed the punishment for dropping a pass from carrying a football around in your arms all week to carrying it around in your ass like Christopher Walken did with Butch’s watch. Sometimes you just need the right motivation.

I’d like to point out that Connor Barth is kicking at over 90% right now. I’m not kidding when I say he should be considered for MVP of the team so far.

Hey, LeGarrette Blount had 18 carries and broke a long one for a touchdown. Who’da thunk it? Oh wait, ALL OF US THUNK IT. I don’t care if you give Blount the ball ten times and he gains nothing. There’s a very good chance that on the eleventh one, he’s going for 60 yards. He ran for 107 with a 5.9 YPC average and one of the mod spectacular runs you’ll ever see. That run is up there with the best of Mike Alstott‘s.

Adrian Clayborn and Brian Price were twins yesterday, both getting a nice sack and a tackle for loss. I still can’t help but wonder how dominant Price would be if he were allowed to play 3-technique. Albert Haynesworth is playing it and didn’t have a great game.

Rodgers tested Aqib Talib because he’s been on the skids lately, but Talib really stepped up with three passes defensed.

E.J. Biggers: Still awful. And then Myron Lewis replaced him and he was no better. Is Elbert Mack really their best option as a third corner right now? It may be time to bend the rules of the new regime and pick up a good veteran cornerback in free agency next offseason. Lewis is a third-rounder and isn’t quite panning out.

Raheem Morris chewed Quincy Black a new asshole after he gave up that touchdown. I really hope it gets through to him. Black has all the physical tools to be awesome, but somehow he keeps missing plays. I thought this linebacker corps was going to be the strongest unit in the defense and maybe one of the better ones in the league, but it’s really been disappointing. Yesterday wasn’t terrible and the Packers’ running game was held to under 100 yards, but then again the Packers aren’t really a running team.

Morris’s decision to go for two early in the fourth quarter was fucking stupid and someone needs to tell him. I’m sure it seems real tough and gritty to go for two and it says that you have confidence in your offense, but you can’t leave any points on the table against a team like the Packers. If they had just kicked the PAT, they would have actually been in the game at the end. You only go for two when time dictates no other option. The onside kicks didn’t bother me, although someone needs to work with Michael Koenen on getting the ball ten yards down the field. Successful onside kicks can really flip momentum and steals a possession from a hot offense like Green Bay’s. So yeah, go for them. But take your points where you can.

What a shame about that early punt that never happened. Punters are so well protected by the rules that Jacob Cutrera wasn’t going to just tackle him like he could have. So I don’t blame the Bucs for that one — it was just a freak play. I can’t believe I actually used Cutrera’s name in a write-up.

If the Bucs can keep up this level of play, they can win between 4-6 of their next games. At this point, I’m not seeing playoffs in the future, but I can see them ending the season on a positive note. I just hope that a good ending doesn’t make them forget the shit they went through in the first ten games and that they remember the deficiencies and holes in their team when the offseason kicks in.

7 Comments to “Not Good Enough But Better Than Expected”


BaldBuc4055 (November 21, 2011 at 01:07pm:

I had no beef with the first onside kick attempt, but after it was unsuccessful, I didn’t see the point in kicking a second one. There was time to make a defensive stop and get the ball back again.

Of course, Green Bay could’ve easily scored the final TD going the length of the field, but why not trust your D when they’ve made a few stops and Rodgers wasn’t as sharp as usual, overthrowing a couple of WRs that had a step on our DBs. Then again “not as sharp” for Rodgers is still better than 95% of the QB’s in the league, but I still feel you need to make them go 80 yds rather than 40-50.

On a more positive note, loved the Blount run, was impressed by the receivers hanging onto passes (looking at you, Mike Williams), and liked the fact that Freeman kept the mistakes to a minimum, aside from the INT. If the Bucs keep up the effort that was there yesterday through the rest of the season, 8-8 or 9-7 is within reach. The playoffs are a major stretch at this point.

And the clicky….can’t go wrong with the topless, torn jeans look!


cubsandbucsfan (November 21, 2011 at 02:22pm:

I loved the effort and didnt really have an issue with either onside kick attempt, however I agree with Scott that we need to get that thing 10 yards already!

I still have the concern that the worst part of our team in my mind is the secondary and that is supposed to be Raheem’s strength.


KingBuc34 (November 21, 2011 at 02:51pm:


worker b

worker b (November 21, 2011 at 04:56pm:

I think a little dirt on the foot really adds something to the topless torn jean look.


Meatmaster (November 21, 2011 at 06:46pm:

Man I don’t know what was funnier, the football in the ass Pulp Fiction reference, or the foot fetish guy above me. You guys are awesome. It’s like, “Man look at those tits! Now to scroll down a bit and, Oh God! She has dirty feet! You dirty little bitch you! I wasn’t gonna whack it before, but now it’s time to put a beat down on my nut sack!” Or maybe you’re not a foot fetish guy at all and I’m a little off. Meh I like the Pulp Fiction reference better. Great game by the Bucs made sweeter by me scoring kickass free tickets to the Dallas game today. Hope we kill the little bitches!


Darren47 (November 21, 2011 at 07:06pm:

Well, my bold call that they’d win didn’t work out. Oh well, I’m just another ass clown football fan.

They’re going to win 5 in a row and then lose to the falcons in week 17 to break our hearts, just wait for it. Ugh.


FireThemCannons (November 22, 2011 at 12:47am:

well…at least i wasn’t embarrassed by this team this week

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