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This Interview Process Isn’t Entertaining Enough!

January 24, 2012 at 12:21pm by Scott   •  4 Comments »

The Glazers are smiling because they instructed the chef to taint Fennelly's nachos.
Now that Chip Kelly has decided to stay in Nikeville, several articles have come out characterizing the Glazers as spurned and jilted, as though they have something to be embarrassed about. The dumbest and most insulting, of course, comes from Martin Fennelly.

Now they have egg on their face – Duck egg, no less.

Oregon’s Chip Kelly will not be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach and we’re beginning to wonder if anyone will. It’s jilted at the altar, hold the Tuna.

Did anyone say that Jeff Fisher left the Dolphins at the alter? No. He considered his options and picked one. We don’t know how far along negotiations were. Kelly could have said he wanted $10-million and when the Glazers told him no, he backed out. But somehow this is an embarrassment for the Bucs and now no one wants to be the head coach. Right.

It’s face saving time.

If the Bucs are interested in a coach and that coach decides to use the team for leverage with his current team, that’s not something the Bucs can do much about. They didn’t come to Oregon groveling on their hands and knees begging for Chip Kelly to come and rescue their franchise. It was a fucking job interview.

Kelly will be an NFL coach one day soon, so this had to be more than smelling the Oregon tall firs. Could it be that Kelly sniffed the Bucs and said not there, not now? Has the Tampa Bay brand fallen that badly?

This is one possibility, but it’s the one that everyone seems to be grabbing for. Could it be that Kelly heard something at the interview that gave him a bad vibe about the Bucs? Sure. I’m not sure what that would be, but I’m thinking Dominik and the Glazers didn’t open the interview with “Well, we’re not going to spend any money on players, so suck on that.” Everyone puts on their best face for the first impression. More likely, if we’re assuming he heard something he didn’t like, it was from someone else he knows in the business that also knows the Bucs and maybe gave him some dirt. But I still think he never really intended to leave Oregon unless he got a Godfather-type deal.

I mean, getting dumped by Parcells is one thing, actually. Actually, it’s two things, since he dumped the Bucs twice.

But … Chip Kelly ?

“Dumped”. Yes, that’s exactly what happened (can you hear my eyes rolling through your monitor?). And if anyone should know dumps, it’s the guy who squats and leaves a fresh one in the sports section every morning.

I mentioned Kelly as a possibility a month ago in the name of offense, offense, offense. I dropped the idea when Kelly’s name didn’t surface on many NFL search or interview lists. Give the Glazers and Bucs general manager Mark Dominik high marks for stealth – and low marks for finishing.

“Yes, only I know the secret plans of the Glazers! I, and no one else, came up with the revolutionary idea of interviewing a college head coach who had recently been to the National Championship game. It was a stretch, much like getting my arms high enough to pat myself on the back without hyperventilating.”

How do you like your eggs, scrambled, fried or over easy?

Wow, a food reference. Who would have guessed?

Who, Glazers included, is excited about any of the men who’ve already been interviewed?

Marty Schottenheimer?

He might be the best face-saver handy, a fall back, a stabilizer, a caretaker.


Hey, there’s Mike Sherman?


I like Rob Chudzinski, but he’s a little green, and who would he bring to work the defense?

Chip Kelly would have been exciting, at least until the losses start to add up. But he isn’t coming. And if there are no more candidates that Fennelly considers exciting enough, then this section has no purpose than to rub the Bucs’ faces in the fact that they didn’t get him. Classy.

If all this talk seems slightly scattershot, how is it any different than the Glazers? They have been all over the place with this search, by age, by experience, by any measure.

Yeah, who needs to bring in a wide range of diverse coaches to choose from? They should have just cloned Chip Kelly five times and interviewed all of them. Much more consistent.

And everyone they’ve interviewed has been a coordinator or head coach in the NFL, except his buddy Chip. And the extremes of age have been Chud at 43 and Schott at 68, both within reason. Raheem Morris wasn’t within reason, so they’ve learned that lesson.

At least Chip Kelly wouldn’t have been boring. It might have been fun.

What’s fun now?

The interview process is never fun. It’s not supposed to be. You know what is fun? Winning football games. It NEVER GETS OLD. So how about we let them pick someone they think is a winner and then we can start the criticism?

4 Comments to “This Interview Process Isn’t Entertaining Enough!”

Mark S

Mark S (January 24, 2012 at 12:36pm:

You Go Scott.

I am still hoping for an NFL guy. The best offensive coordinators are either still playing, staying put or have picked their team. So, I am hoping for a DC, like Grey or Zimmer with the hope of getting someone like the GB QB coach as offensive coordinator.


manbearpig (January 24, 2012 at 12:42pm:

I’m really starting to think Dom is on a power trip. He clearly made all the personnel decision, not Raheem. Players Raheem wanted to keep were let go because Dom thought they were expendable (caddy and ruud). I believe Dom’s presence is going to make any head strong coach think twice. Zimmer reminds me a little of chucky in the sense that he’s in players faces and doesn’t hold back and I think any fiery coach doesn’t want to be neutered by some little prick in an office. My disdain for that guy is growing at a fast pace. He was nowhere to be seen when the slide was going on and now he’s front and center for this coaching search. I do not want some pussy push over coach for this team. I have a feeling Dom is looking for that one guy (Sherman) he can push around into decision he makes for them.


avanderlay (January 24, 2012 at 01:27pm:

Zimmer & Fewell remain my short list. Glad I don’t read the papers.

J. Martin

J. Martin (January 24, 2012 at 05:05pm:

@manbearpig, Is it common knowledge that Morris wanted Caddy and Ruud to stick around? I haven’t heard that before. Wasn’t it Raheem who was most influential in drafting Freeman? I don’t think Dominik is some kind of tyrant GM who wants a pushover coach he can control.

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