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Fresh Meat

May 01, 2012 at 11:11am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

The best picture of Collaros I could find. No, not really. But the only one I wanted to use.
After the draft concludes (and in reality several hours beforehand), teams scramble to sign their favorite players that didn’t get selected. And now that offseason rosters have been expanded from 80 to 90 players, teams are going to fill out that number with a whole lot of these undrafted free agents. The Bucs themselves signed 14. Here’s a fun game: Give yourself a point for every name you recognize. If you score more than 0, congratulations, you are more qualified than I am to run this blog.

WR Luther Ambrose, 5-8, 185, Louisiana-Monroe
LB Ryan Baker, 6-0, 236, LSU
QB Zach Collaros, 6-0, 183, Cincinnati
C Chaz Hine, 6-4, 295, South Florida
FB Cody Johnson, 5-11, 255, Texas
CB Leonard Johnson, 5-10, 196, Iowa State
DT Donte’e Nicholls, 6-2, 312, Tennessee State
WR Tyler Shoemaker, 6-1, 213, Boise State
T Bradley Sowell, 6-7, 316, Mississippi
S Tramain Thomas, 6-0, 204, Arkansas
TE Tyler Urban, 6-5, 249, West Virginia
G Michael VanDerMeulen, 6-7, 304, Toledo
CB Quenton Washington, 5-10, 195, South Florida
T Desmond Wynn, 6-6, 303, Rutgers

I know Collaros only because Cincinnati played Tennessee last year. That’s it for me. If I had to predict players to make the roster based on nothing but their stats above, I’d say the Rutgers tackle has a good shot because Greg Schiano knows him and the tackle positions are established, so there won’t be any real play for a starter. And the Bucs like to be kind to USF students, so Washington may get a little more attention. Other than that, it was basically a trip to the meat market.

On a slightly different note, see what the shitty naming trends of the 90s has wrought us? Adults named Tyler, Chaz and Cody.

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Mark S

Mark S (May 01, 2012 at 12:02pm:

For what its worth, PFW has a grade on T Desmond Wynn of 5.23 and a 5.1 for T Bradley Sowell. Their conclusion is that Wynn is capable of developing into a starter and Sowell is capable of developing into a backup. Donte’e Nichols at 6′ and 31″ arms is probably camp meat. Luther Ambrose is 5’8″ with 4.35 speed. I have to get back to work, so don’t have time to check the others, but you can at

Matt Price

Matt Price (May 01, 2012 at 12:20pm:

I think it’s interesting that Schiano only took one guy from Rutgers. That actually makes me happy because it tells me he’s an honest judge of talent rather than trying to help his friends or pretending that he was the world’s greatest recruiter.

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