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Rookie Minicamp

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Rookie Minicamp 2012

Since the Bucs had a rookie minicamp and a ton of tryout players in over the weekend, there are a lot of good little stories out there to catch up on.

First off, here are the transcripts from Greg Schiano‘s press conferences on Saturday and Sunday. According to Schiano, he plans to keep 22 to 29 rookie free agents and tryout players on the roster. That seems like a lot, but since the roster limit has been raised to 90, I guess they’ve got the room. One of the tryout guys Schiano is holding on to for a while is former LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson who, if you remember the BCS Championship Game, is awful. So backing up Josh Freeman right now are Dan Orlovsky, Brett Ratliff, Zach Collaros and Jefferson. Can teams contractually encase their quarterbacks in carbonite between games? Because that seems prudent.

Also hanging on is former Iowa State CB Leonard Johnson. Johnson is a Clearwater native who went to Largo High before going to college in Iowa, so there’s some local interest in how he does with the Bucs.

Last year as a senior, Johnson and his Iowa State teammates hosted the then undefeated Oklahoma State Cowboys. Johnson drew the short straw and was matched up on star Cowboys’ receiver Justin Blackmon. Blackmon was held to 99 yards receiving, and Johnson nabbed an important interception in the Cyclones upset win over OSU.

At first I thought it wasn’t really a compliment to point out that Blackmon got 99 yards on Johnson, but then I remembered that it’s Iowa State and a star receiver should absolutely crush a team like that, so I do consider it a win for Johnson. Johnson is fortunate to play a position that is still a need for the Bucs, so we could see this piece of meat hang around for a little while.

In a post-draft analysis of Mark Barron, Mike Mayock as a man who has no hobbies and is 100% business. Barron seemed to back this up in a rookie minicamp interview this weekend when the subject of how little he talks came up.

Mark Barron will eventually connect with Bucs fans, but it won’t be orally.

Congratulations to Rick Stroud for disappointing female Bucs fans while simultaneously making the rest of us wretch. Seriously, no editors at all?

“I am a serious guy. But, I mean, I can have fun,” Barron said Saturday, the second day of the Bucs’ rookie minicamp. “It ain’t to the point where I can’t have fun. I will talk. But I ain’t the type when I walk into the room where I’m going to talk to everybody.”

Remember when the Bucs drafted Gerald McCoy and he would act all goofy and we wondered if he would take his job seriously? Yeah, that’s not a concern here.

The Tribune did a piece on seventh-round pick Michael Smith, who got engaged during the draft. I guess everyone starts getting bored on the third day.

“She knew it was going to come eventually,” said Smith, who finished as Utah State’s career leader with an average of 7.1 yards per rushing attempt. “We got engaged and I got drafted, so everything worked out. It was a plus and a plus.”

Aww, isn’t that sweet? I don’t know any girl who wouldn’t swoon at being called “a plus”. Back off, ladies, he’s spoken for!

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LostInSeattle (May 09, 2012 at 03:31pm:

I watched that Iowa State vs Oklahoma State game. If I remember correctly the Iowa CB actually did a great job on Blackmon with pretty much no safety help since they brought them up to help against the run and the short routes. I’ll have to go back and see if I can find clips from that game again and check him out since he’s on the bucs.

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