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More Simms Talk

July 15, 2008 at 10:20am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

The latest team that people are speculating Chris Simms may land is the Indianapolis Colts. It seems that Peyton Manning had some surgery that will keep him out for 4-6 weeks (and couldn’t they think of a more pleasant name for it than a “bursa sac”? Ewww.) The Tribune makes it sound like a desperate situation for the Colts.

Because Manninig [sp] is the Colts undeniable and sturdy starter (he’s missed only one regular season play because of injury during his career) the Colts currently have just two other quarterbacks on their roster. One is Josh Betts, who spent last season on the practice squad. The other is Adam Tafralis, a rookie free agent out of San Jose State.

But that’s not true. Jim Sorgi is still on their roster and has been their #2 guy for quite a while.

The Colts appear then to be in need of an arm just to get through camp. They would also seem to be in a situation where they need to add a quarterback who is capable of starting and keeping the ship afloat for a while, should Manning need more than the expected four-to-six weeks to recover from his surgery.

With Sorgi, the Colts have three healthy quarterbacks. Most teams take four quarterbacks to camp, but only having three isn’t all that unusual. Among Manning’s many admirable qualities is his competitiveness. He’s not going to miss any regular season games unless he’s absolutely crippled. I don’t see the Colts really needing to give anything up to acquire another quarterback just for camp.

The more interesting (and more accurate) part of the story is the affect Brett Favre‘s embarrassing drama is having on Simms.

We know that the Bears and Lions are two of the teams that have expressed an interest in possibly trading for Simms. Both teams, however, are believed to have interest in Favre as well.

Until the Favre mess is settled, neither team is likely to make a move on Simms. That leaves Simms in the lurch. Which means he’ll probably end up going to training camp with the Bucs.

That’s an interesting scenario, but I don’t see it happening. Training camp roster spots are much more valuable this season than before because there are no more NFL Europe roster exemptions, so each team has a hard limit of 80 players that they can take. Is Bruce Allen really ready to take up one of those spots with a player almost guaranteed not to be with the team in September? Probably not.

The Packers would sooner pay Favre $12 million to sit on the bench than release him outright and allow him to go to a division rival. The Bears and the Lions have to know this, so I don’t think they’re going to wait around too long before they acquire another quarterback. Rod Marinelli has some experience with Simms and seems to be in a worse position than the Bears who, for what it’s worth, still have a quarterback on their roster who started a Super Bowl not long ago. Simms will probably wind up with Detroit or Dallas before the Tampa Bay camp starts up, perhaps for a low round conditional pick in 2009, but just as likely for no compensation at all.

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3 Comments to “More Simms Talk”

Matt Price (July 15, 2008 at 10:05pm:

It amazes me that so many people think that Simms can step right in and be a starter for their teams. If Simms was that good, the Bucs would not let him go. Not to mention that his being left handed causes problems for teams built around right handed starters.

I like Simms, he seems like a good kid, but honestly he was far from a consistent quarterback.

Matt Price (July 15, 2008 at 10:08pm:

By the way, I am sick of various media douche bags speculating that Tampa would be a great landing place for Brett Favre.

Just because they don’t know who is on our roster does not mean that we are looking to add other teams’ cast offs to our roster.

Jon (July 16, 2008 at 02:14pm:

I completely agree about the Favre bullshit. King’s latest article made it sound like Tampa is the clear destination for Favre if he is traded. People have come to believe that Gruden will take any veteran QB just cuz he likes to collect them.

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