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Last Word On Winslow

May 25, 2012 at 02:18pm by Scott   •  6 Comments »

Huh, even the black one was still kind of light.
This is going to be the last entry about Kellen Winslow because he’s not with the Bucs anymore and who really gives this much of a shit anyway. But Martin Fennelly‘s most recent sharticle basically takes Winslow’s Buccaneers career and reduces it to “meh, not so great” and that’s bullshit.

Kellen Winslow caught 218 footballs for the Bucs, 12 for touchdowns. The team’s glorious 2011 Season in Review (Did these guys really go 4-12?) raves about K2’s many deeds, and there are some.

But mostly his stay here was remarkably unmemorable.

He led the team in receptions for three years in a row. That seems memorable.

How many Winslow moments really stood out? I mean, his drops were bigger than most of his grabs. It reminded me, all of it, of the season Keyshawn caught like 700 balls – and one TD. Much ado …

Why is it such a negative thing for a guy to catch a bunch of balls but not a bunch of touchdowns? I’ve never understood that. Maybe it means he’s not fast enough to outrun tacklers or he works better when he has more room to work with to get more separation. Turning catches into touchdowns is definitely an asset, but don’t make it sound like guys who are reception rich but touchdown poor are bad players. Winslow caught 218 balls. That’s 72 per season — and he’s a tight end. That’s huge.

Winslow was overrated here, never elite, never the force he was supposed to be, never that game-changer. Bucs GM Mark Dominik paid for elite with that nutty contract, which at the time made Winslow the highest-paid tight end in world history.

What difference did he make? 218 catches and it’s as if he was never here.

I saw Winslow make some spectacular catches, be fearless in traffic and provide a solid third down option for Josh Freeman when he needed him. He did drop his share and the penalties started to suck, but to say it was as if he was “never here” is just fucking ridiculous. You know what? If that’s the case, it’s like none of the players were ever here. Because really, what did any of them do for the last few years? No playoffs, terrible defense, an erratic quarterback… I can say the same thing Fennelly said about Winslow for any player on the roster. And they all made their money. The Bucs lost as a team, but if you had to pin the losses on a single player, Winslow would be way down the list.

And “highest-paid tight end in world history”, while true, is unnecessarily dramatic.

I give him high marks, given past injuries, for the way he got himself ready to play on game day, but Winslow was a 28-year-old man playing on surgically repaired knees.

And you never would have known that on game day. He was always there. You can’t use injuries against a guy if he continues to play as though he’s uninjured.

K2 was never the truly disruptive locker room force some feared, though I’m sure he whispered in Josh Freeman’s ear about being open every play (though he wasn’t).

You know who else is open on every play? EVERY SINGLE RECEIVER IN THE NFL. They’re all open, all the time. It’s why receivers are some of the biggest douches in the universe. That’s just the attitude. This is not exclusive to Winslow. Oh, and congratulations on knowing the private conversations between Freeman and Winslow. I’m sure they love you guessing things you think they said and then reporting on it.

Hey, I never had a problem with the man.

Really? Because this whole article says otherwise.

Just the same, we used to laugh inside, hard, when Dominik or former coach Raheem Morris talked about Winslow being a senior leader.

That was never going to happen.

I would want my rookies to see a guy who has terrible knees never use them as an excuse for not playing. I would love my younger players to have a winning attitude and be publicly supportive of a rookie coach like Winslow was. Maybe he wasn’t a rah-rah kind of guy, but neither is Ronde Barber and he is universally respected.

True, if this is the acid test for Freeman, he just lost the man who has been his favorite target. But now there is Vincent Jackson, and draft pick Doug Martin, and surely there will be other tight ends.

Just like Winslow, Jackson was seen as a talented malcontent by his former team. They’re practically the same player.

This clearly is a Greg Schiano’s Bucs kind of move. He doesn’t see a future for Winslow in the offense, or in anything. I bet everyone nodded when Schiano ran it by them, if he ran it at all.

Oh shit, are we really starting the “Mark Dominik is Greg Schiano’s puppet” rumors already? Man, you really miss being able to dog Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen, don’t you? Dominik has been with the Bucs since Pearl Jam was relevant. He’s not taking orders from a rookie head coach.

By the way, last week during voluntary practices, in one of his new roles, Dominik politely told media the proper pronunciation of Schiano’s last name. It’s Shee-Ann-O We had been getting it wrong. It’s hard on the ‘A’ – remember that.

You know, it says something about the new-look Bucs bunker that it took months, months, for the coach to care enough to have anyone tell anyone the right way to say his name. Or maybe he doesn’t care. He’s way too busy.

I’m certain Greg Schiano gives no shits how sweaty keyboard jockeys pronounce his name. It is quite possible that it’s literally the last thing on his mind.

There’s a new king of the mountain – and it ain’t K2.

So he shoehorned a K2/mountain reference in there, but was this really supposed to be comparing the head coach to a tight end in terms of who runs the team? Winslow never pretended to run the team. He showed up and did his job. And now he’s gone, and that’s fine too. I’m looking forward to Dallas Clark. But it’s completely unnecessary to try to diminish Winslow’s accomplishments with the Bucs or make him out to be some kind of cancer that they should be glad to be rid of. It was a business decision that was handled professionally by the Bucs. It’s a shame Fennelly couldn’t do the same.

6 Comments to “Last Word On Winslow”

Matt Price

Matt Price (May 25, 2012 at 02:38pm:

Wow, what a shitty article! I never thought Winslow was great, but who was in the past couple years? He struck me as solid and a great example for the rest of the team. I was happy to have him, but I also have no problems with the Bucs unloading him (though I think they should have gone younger, not older). But I’ve got NO reason to slam Winslow on the way out?! Fennelly really is a cocksucker.


BaldBuc4055 (May 25, 2012 at 04:02pm:

Not everybody is vocal, and not everybody can be a leader. Winslow was still productive and played through pain, and that’s all that matters in the NFL. I’m also in the camp that Scott’s in. That is, “Too bad the Bucs let him go, but it’s a business decision, and we replaced him with somebody that’s just as capable.” I’m sure both Winslow and the Bucs will be fine. Some writers just like to stir up shit because they’re bored, and obviously Fennelly felt the need to do so to sell some papers and get some page views.


RustyRhino (May 25, 2012 at 04:29pm:

Being in the game on Sunday on two bad knees, is great if you have been learning the game plan install and working the timing down, to 1 2 3 BALL… If your a young team I think it gives a BAD example if everyplayer who is able to practice is not always on the practice field.. Winslow was rarely in every practice during the week. Being a receiver you need to have timing and trust to be where your suposed to be, with the QB. First string gets most reps ONLY if your on the field…. Winslow was a good TE for us to be sure, he just was not on the practice field as much as a young team looking to find leaders who lead from the front not the rear. Enter Clark he will be at every OTA’s mini camps, will be in Tampa training in the state of the art facilities the “Cheap” Glazer family has built for their team to train together to get better.. good luck with the Seahawks Kellen Winslow.
Off my soapbox.
Go Bucs!


Louie (May 25, 2012 at 10:07pm:

It’s funny how Fennely only writes these hit pieces after the player is gone. If I was a player, I wouldn’t give that ass clown the time of day.


Meatmaster (May 25, 2012 at 11:22pm:

That dudes a douche. Was expecting a girl all camo body painted out clicky for a “soldier” reference. It’s all good the clickys have been great man. Good article I didn’t have a problem with winslow but don’t care that he’s gone. I think I read the Seahawks DBs and WRs got in a fight today so that’s kinda funny.


campyone (May 28, 2012 at 10:38pm:

I’m sorry he’s gone. He was our best, most consistent, receiver last year. No reason to think he wouldn’t be productive this year too. And in three years he never missed a game because of injuries, which is a whole lot more than can be said for Dallas Clark during those years. So why get rid of him when we’ve kept so many other players who contributed so much less? And for a 6th/7th round draft pick?

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