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LeGarrette Blount Needs An Alarm Clock

July 23, 2012 at 03:07pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

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The buzz around the Bucs for the last 24 hours has been Rick Stroud‘s report that LeGarrette Blount is unreliable and so, so sleepy.

His lack of commitment was startling to coaches from the day he was claimed off waivers from the Titans an undrafted rookie in 2010. For the first two weeks after being acquired by Tampa Bay, Blount, who was suspended at Oregon for punching a Boise State player, never made it to work on time and compiled fines of more than $15,000.

Not sure why he has to work in the punching incident right there since being constantly late doesn’t have anything to do with decking a guy in the face, but whatever. Raheem Morris got so fed up that made Blount get a driver to pick him up and get him to practice on time. Because as we all know, nothing says “Get your ass in gear” like a chauffeur. And lo and behold, after Blount showed up with the driver for a couple weeks, Morris left him to his own devices again and Blount was late the very next day. And even when he did show up, he did the same thing I did to get through my senior year of high school.

But his poor preparation habits also spread to the meeting room, where coaches said he would sometimes fall asleep.

So maybe this is why Mark Dominik felt the need to draft a first-round running back even though Blount is perfectly capable of making big plays. That plus a shitload of fumbles. If he isn’t reliable off the field, there’s a good chance he will let you down on the field at some point, and Greg Schiano isn’t going to put up with anyone’s bullshit. I like Blount’s game, but that kind of permissiveness is exactly what Schiano is stomping out this season, so Blount is going to have to work extra hard just to get on the field. A couple hungry young rookies like Doug Martin and Michael Smith can easily make Blount an afterthought, especially if he’s not there to remind everyone that he’s still on the team.

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GeorgeCostanza (July 24, 2012 at 01:57pm:

He should get tested for sleep apnea. He has all the symptoms.

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