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NO MORE IPADS: Just a year after introducing the iPad at One Buc Place to replace paper playbooks, new coach Greg Schiano has backed away from them and gone back old school. Earnest Graham addressed the issue, which is weird because he’s not on the team at the moment.

“I thought the idea was great but it was definitely more negatives than positives with a young team. I enjoyed being able to access the opposing teams’ cut-ups and video of that day’s practice, but in my opinion most guys did not use them. If you keep it simple and do your installations using your [paper] playbooks, you don’t have to guess whether a guy is on Facebook or not. Based on that experience I would never use them if I went into coaching.”

I can see it both ways, but with a really young team, they are probably too much of a distraction. Too much temptation to goof off and not pay attention to what you should be. I imagine there is a way to lock the iPad down so it can only be used for football purposes, but if you have to do that, maybe you shouldn’t have them in the first place.

PRACTICING WITH PATRIOTS: This is old news by now, but it just recently became official. The Bucs and Patriots will have joint practices on August 22 and 23 before their August 24 preseason game. Which gives me about a month to find pictures of Gisele worth clicking on.

PAT KIRWAN DOESN’T THINK MUCH OF BUCS: I don’t pay much attention to preseason predictions, but this one by Pat Kirwan is pretty shitty and deserves to be mentioned, if only to get us pissed off before the season starts.

4. Tampa Bay (3-13): Greg Schiano will eventually turn this franchise around, but it will take time. The Bucs defense gave up over 37 points a game in the second half of last season. Tampa Bay might want to be a running team, but what will they do in game when they’re trailing in the second half?

Oh hell, I don’t know. Maybe throw it to Vincent Jackson. Or maybe Mike Williams, who will likely be getting the same single coverage he was getting as a rookie since everyone will be paying attention Jackson now. Or maybe they’ll keep running the ball since you don’t abandon your game plan just because you’re a couple points behind in the second half. The Bucs will be worse than they were last season? That’s pretty bold talk coming from a guy with a Tom Selleck mustache in 2012.

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Mark S

Mark S (July 24, 2012 at 11:01am:

Kirwan loves all things Saintly and probably got this prediction while getting shots on Bourbon Street. I can only imagine the shitty attitude he must have after the Saints went marching to hell in the off season. Hey Pat, did Drew give you call after getting that new contract to thank you for pimping him? Maybe Drew thinks he earned it. Yeah he earned it. So poor Pat is irrelevant, friendless and teamless. But I won’t pity him. After all he has a job most of us would kill for.


Meatmaster (July 24, 2012 at 05:53pm:

My god that is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And I got to see her tits! Thanks Bucstats!

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