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Looking Good At Safety

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With two new starters at safety, there’s a lot of learning going on in the defensive backfield. But Mark Barron is glad to have a guy an elder statesman (read: old man) like Ronde Barber back there to lean on.

“Sometimes I just sit back and watch Ronde to pick up some of the things he knows,” said Barron, who couldn’t wait to strap on the pads two days into camp. “There isn’t too much in this league Ronde Barber hasn’t seen. When I ask him for help, he usually has a good answer for me.”

And Ronde is just happy to be doing something different after all these years.

“I want to play and I want to win,” Barber said. “It’s not often you get to find new challenges in your 16th year, new opportunities to prove yourself.”

Watching Ronde plug a gap and flatten a runner is one of things I’m most looking forward to seeing this season. He’s always been a good hitter and with his age and, let’s face it, slightly diminished coverage skills, it’s a good fit.

Speaking of diminished coverage skills, when everyone was looking for a knock on Barron, they picked on his coverage skills even though as a sophomore he picked off seven passes. People were just looking for some flaw in his game that they could talk about since he was so awesome. But Bill Sheridan doesn’t have any issues with Barron in coverage and has seen some good plays in practice already.

“The other day we had a deep ball thrown down one of the sides of the field and Barron sure covered a lot of ground in a hurry,” Sheridan said. “The kid’s got great range. He’s going to have his hands on a lot of balls.”

Bill Sheridan would like rephrase his optimism.

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manbearpig (August 01, 2012 at 01:29pm:

I’m really excited about this combo at safety. So much so, I’ve almost completely forgotten about tanard.

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