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Mike Williams Getting Extra Attention

August 02, 2012 at 09:37am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

The back corner touchdown Schiano called an 'NFL play'.
Since he has gotten to Tampa, Vincent Jackson has been a model receiver, doing everything right from both a physical and mental perspective. I haven’t heard a single negative word about Jackson. And that’s probably why Greg Schiano has ordered Mike Williams to stick to Jackson like he was made of Velcro.

For example, all of the others can sit wherever they choose, but Williams has an assigned seat. It’s the one right next to two-time Pro Bowl veteran Vincent Jackson.

Williams also has been given license to do something that is usually frowned upon in classroom settings: He can cheat off Jackson’s paper. In fact, Fleck encourages the practice.

“That’s why I want them sitting right next to each other,” Fleck said. “I want Mike to look at Vincent’s notes because Vincent is so meticulous. He’s a great guy to learn from.”

Some people might run with this in a negative direction and say that Williams is being treated like he got there on the short bus because he needs more help than everyone else. Apparently no other receiver was given a chaperone. But I choose to look at it like Williams is the most important receiver behind Jackson and it’s extra-important that he have all the little details down. Jackson missed 11 games in 2010 with an injury. If he gets knocked out again, Williams moves up to #1 and needs to be ready to fill those shoes right away. It’s a smart move by Schiano to make sure his wide receiver depth is deep not just in bodies but also in knowledge.

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Mark S

Mark S (August 02, 2012 at 10:22am:

I cannot be qualified to be a paid professional sports reporter, because it never occurred to me to take this in a negative way. Thank you Scott, for pointing out how this potentially prepares Williams for the #1 receiver. That is smart. I just took it that after Williams slump, the coaching staff was doing everything necessary to get him ready for 2012. Honestly, I don’t care if Williams needs more help and it did not occur to me to take it that way. All I can say is blessed be the Olympics, because it has given Gary Shelton something to write about besides the Bucs.

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