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Surprise! Well, At Least A Couple Of Them

August 06, 2012 at 01:47pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »


Stephen Holder wrote a piece about the five biggest surprises in camp so far. Somehow Brian Price being traded away for scrap iron didn’t make the list, so congratulations for Holder for seeing that one coming, I guess. Dallas Clark‘s performance so far is #1, and I guess it makes sense that people might think he’d take practices off or be extra-careful with his injuries, but I’m really not surprised that he’s doing well.

Holder is also surprised by Quincy Black, as am I. But he has looked good in camp before and then when the games start, he seems to make all the wrong decisions. This new scheme may be helping him out.

And defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan seems willing to let Black do what he’s best at: pursue. The sixth-year veteran out of New Mexico said he’s being asked to do less reading in this scheme, and it’s no coincidence he seems to be making more plays.

Holder also lists Myron Lewis as a surprise even though he doesn’t exactly rave about him. Maybe the surprise is that he’s still around. Demar Dotson also makes the cut, although I’m not shocked he’s doing well. The Bucs’ tackle positions have been locked up for a few years now, but everyone has always been high on Dotson.

The last player to surprise Holder is Dan Orlovsky. Dan was able to identify the thick, white stripe at the back of the endzone as the “bad place” where you aren’t allowed to step right out of ten times. Way to go, Dan!

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manbearpig (August 06, 2012 at 02:08pm:

Hysterical! I keep forgetting he was the bonehead who did that!

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