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Meh, Who Needs Live Football Anyway

August 30, 2012 at 10:45pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

A white safety that everyone likes? Who should we compare him to? Hmm...
I thought I’d be spending this entry talking about whatever the fourth preseason game might have to tell us about the half dozen or so roster spots on the Bucs that are truly up for grabs, but that tip I gave you the other day about the game being broadcast on some DirecTV channel in the 600s turned out to be bogus. I recorded it while I was out last night and came home to three hours of nothing but black. And that’s not a racist thing; all it recorded was a black screen with some bullshit about it being blacked out in my area. But if it knew that, why didn’t it just record a still frame that said that instead of recording nothing? My phone can remind me that I need to buy condoms and burn cream (don’t ask) while I’m passing the drug store on the way to somewhere else, but my DVR doesn’t know that I don’t want to take a rest if the game is blacked out? No wonder we’re not taken seriously as a country anymore.

My understanding is that the Bucs got hammered, but it was mostly an experiment in different offensive line configurations and most of them sucked. And that Sean Baker came to play. Unfortunately for Sean, he’s a safety on a team with a deep safety bench. He is practice squad eligible, but other teams saw him too and he probably will get snagged by another team before the Bucs can sign him to it. Any other insightful analysis will have to come tomorrow after it’s too late. I’ll also predict that hurricane Isaac will hit New Orleans. Only on Bucstats!

Some good news for the Bucs is that both Arrelious Benn and Amobi Okoye have been practicing in a limited fashion recently and both should see some playing time sooner rather than later.

Benn, sidelined since the first day of training camp with a knee sprain, has been increasing his activity by the day and should be practicing within days. He said he’s ready and expects to be able to play when the regular season arrives.

Okoye missed the past three preseason games after the setback, but he warmed up with the team before Wednesday night’s game in Washington and has been more involved in practice during the past few days.

I had both guys as afterthoughts at their positions, thinking either of them could be expendable but conceding that probably neither of them would be released just yet. I still believe in Benn’s potential if he can stay healthy. Okoye I’m not as high on, but I think he’d at least be a good backup to Gerald McCoy at a position that needs more depth. Having them back would give the coaches more flexibility with their roster decisions tomorrow and allow them to keep perhaps a better player than they could have otherwise. But it won’t be Baker (and now that this has been published and Greg Schiano has read it, of course it will be him. Baker, you owe me a steak.)

2 Comments to “Meh, Who Needs Live Football Anyway”


HouseofG (August 31, 2012 at 01:00pm:

What do you owe Okaye?

“Defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Friday morning, is finalizing a deal to sign with the Chicago Bears, a source confirmed.

The Bears have been looking for depth at defensive tackle and found some in defensive tackle Brian Price, who they acquired from Tampa Bay earlier this summer via trade.

Okoye had signed a one-year, $2 million deal with the Buccaneers.”


Aesir_B (August 31, 2012 at 07:34pm:

Don’t know if you got around to see the game yet but fuck.. If there’s one player I thought had earned a roster spot it was Tiquan Underwood.. whats the deal? He can’t tackle for shit on special teams or something? Maybe he just never built chemistry with Free, I’m baffled.

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