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Been busy with work this week, so I’ve been a little slack in posting. But in my defense, the Bucs haven’t done a damn thing interesting this week and me just posting worthless write-ups of other people’s analysis would just take away time you could be using for porn. And we’re friends, so I’d never do that to you.

QUINN WILL START: Matt Cassel still can’t remember his name, so Brady Quinn will get the start. Whoever Kansas City’s center is is really pushing the offensive coordinator for a lot of shotgun snaps on Sunday. “Overhand, Quinn! Overhand!”

BOWERS TO RETURN SOMETIME: Without getting into any specifics, Greg Schiano predicted that Da’Quan Bowers would make it back for some games this season. Which is great news since the Bucs are one ACL tear away from just rolling tires in the general direction of the quarterback.

“We’re going to be very, very conservative and not going to rush that situation. But I can tell you from the things I’ve seen, I’m really encouraged.”

Right here is where I would put the news story that the Bucs signed another defensive end to bolster depth since only having three of them seems kind of, you know, fucked. Instead, we have this:

MILLER NOT PRACTICING: Roy Miller didn’t practice Thursday with a back injury. Injuries happen to every position every season, but this Buccaneer defensive line seems cursed. I remember when they spent their top two picks for the two drafts in a row on the defensive line. I thought they could have used help elsewhere, but at least one part of the team would be set for YEARS. Only one of those guys is playing this Sunday. So instead of two first-rounders and two second-rounders, they may very well field one first-rounder and three undrafted free agents this week. If this goes on much longer, they’ll start calling it the Curse of Monte Kiffin.

T-SHIRTS: I’ve got one last lead on getting the fully clicky T-shirts printed before I either just demand they do the order for the number of regular shirts I send everybody’s money back. I’ll keep everyone posted, and thanks for your patience.

2 Comments to “REAR ENTRIES: The Curse”


JV (October 12, 2012 at 05:20pm:

If you can’t get full clicky shirts, I would still prefer a non-pic shirt vs. none at all. If the cost is less, I’d like my additinal funds put in the Donate a Buc account.


avanderlay (October 15, 2012 at 12:24pm:

thanks for the update – holding out hope a clicky shirt can become reality

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