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Eric Wright Probably Suspended Soon

October 31, 2012 at 12:53am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Umm, if that ball is still on its way to the receiver, I'm going to go ahead and say Wright's dry hump move is a penalty.
Word came out on Sunday that Eric Wright possibly tested positive for Adderall and if so will be suspended once all the formalities are worked out and he stops twitching uncontrollably. I say “possibly” because no one really knows and no one ever will know because that’s the rules of the PED policy. For now, he was seen riding a stationary bike on the practice field on Monday, which means he hasn’t been suspended yet. And Greg Schiano hasn’t been a book of knowledge on the subject either.

“I really can’t discuss it and neither can Eric,” Schiano said at the start of his news conference Monday. “I’m not trying to be evasive at all, but that’s what comes down from the league and that’s where I’m going to be.

“You saw he was on the bike. He has an Achilles (injury) coming out of the game that is a little bit of a concern. Didn’t know about it after the game, really didn’t know about it until recently. But I think the injury, he’ll be okay, but I can’t predict.”

Presumably Wright would be allowed to practice if he was healthy even with the suspension looming. Schiano has already said he would welcome back Aqib Talib after his Adderall suspension and that guy’s a mess. Wright, by comparison, doesn’t get all punchy when you do things like look at him funny or drive him places. So it looks like Wright will likely be out on Sunday for one reason or another. And that leaves the starting cornerbacks as E.J. Biggers and Myron Lewis with Leonard Johnson in nickel. Individually, I don’t mind having any of them on the field. But together with no superiorly talented player to lean on, it’s a little spooky. Biggers has flashed hot and cold, most recently cold. Johnson had a nice game last week but is woefully inexperienced. And Lewis has never proven he can be a consistent player. And I was concerned about the secondary before this.

What the fuck is up with Adderall anyway? I understand it’s supposed to allow you to maintain focus and also has some physical benefits, but so do a lot of other drugs on the banned substance list and everyone seems to be staying away from most of those. Its name is written very clearly on page 18, and not in some weird foreign language. But for some reason, guys seem to think they can get away with this particular banned drug. I know for a fact that One Buc has a coffee machine. Use it. Get more sleep at night, wake up earlier and do your cardio before team meetings, whatever. This just seems like the dumbest thing to get in trouble for.

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jampersands (October 31, 2012 at 03:09am:

If it really is Adderall, I don’t really get why football players or athletes in general would take it. It’s a stimulant, and a type of amphetamine, so I guess in very high doses it could improve physical performance, but certainly not as much as other stimulants, and not as much as steroids.

So I guess I don’t get it either. My initial thought was that they actually got caught for something else, but are claiming the positive test was for Adderall because it’s socially more acceptable than, say, weed or coke. Heck, the PR department might even have told them to say that, to avoid a more negative public backlash.

Am I understanding the your description of the PED policy correctly? Could Wright/his agent/Bucs PR just claim it was Adderall when it was really ungodly amounts of horse tranquilizer?


Scott (October 31, 2012 at 08:33am:

That’s exactly what it is. Everything in the PED policy is confidential, so it could just be that Adderall is the least offensive thing on the PED list. Next year they’ll be claiming it was Propecia since it’s also on the list.

Mark S

Mark S (October 31, 2012 at 10:16am:

It is used to treat ADHD. So if it was really being used for that all they had to do was get a prescription. Translation: find a friendly doctor.

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