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Two On IR, One Suspended

November 28, 2012 at 01:01am by Scott   •  5 Comments »

Trueblood got a false start here when he went for the water hose too early.
The Bucs lost two former starters and current backups today when they put both Cody Grimm and Jeremy Trueblood on injured reserve. Grimm has a hamstring injury that’s been bothering him for a couple games and Trueblood evidently injured his shoulder in the Falcons game, although I don’t ever recall seeing him on the field. It may very well have happened when he put on his pads or pumped his fist in celebration of something. If you were really looking forward to seeing Trueblood in a Bucs uniform in person just just hadn’t found the time to buy tickets, you may have missed your chance forever. I’m going to go out on a huge limb here and say that Trueblood will be playing for a different team in 2013. He’s got lots of starting experience and makes a good backup at right tackle, but that’s evidently all he can play and backups have to be more versatile than that. There are teams that will scrap their offensive lines in the offseason (Chicago, Green Bay, possibly Pittsburgh to a degree) and Trueblood will be a decent option for them.

And as long as we’re making do without certain players, we might as well throw in the announcement that Eric Wright has been suspended for four games for that Adderall thing from a few weeks ago.

“This is the result of taking Adderall at the end of July for health issues I was experiencing,” Wright said. “I am extremely disappointed that the suspension was upheld at my appeal.

“I apologize to the Glazer family, general manager Mark Dominik, Coach (Greg) Schiano and the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization, my teammates, our great fans and my family who have stood by me through this entire process. I will continue to prepare myself and look forward to rejoining the team.”

The Bucs are still dead last in the league in pass defense and this doesn’t help. And they’re not just going to suddenly get better. The only way to improve this is right now is to get a better pass rush going and force bad throws. Seriously, I think Julio Jones is still running.

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avanderlay (November 28, 2012 at 01:33pm:

Wright has already been off the field a lot this season (and very hot and cold while on it), so I’m trying not to get too down about this development. The glass half-full approach would be to point out that standings-wise the pass-defense cannot get any worse without him.

Standing by for Gruden to Tennessee commentary!

Mark S

Mark S (November 28, 2012 at 02:51pm:

Oh Well. We have to play with who we have. Here is my prediction for the last 5 games. Denver will beat us (let’s not kid ourselves), we will beat Phi (C’mon man you can’t lose to these bums), we beat NO in the rematch (we beat them last year), beat Stl (we are just bettern than them) and beat Atl (they are resting their starters). End the season 10-6 on a four game win streak. I don’t even care if we make the playoffs.


BaldBuc4055 (November 28, 2012 at 03:11pm:

Couldn’t agree with you more, Mark.


manbearpig (November 28, 2012 at 03:37pm:

Please be merciful mr. Manning.

Mark S

Mark S (November 28, 2012 at 08:45pm:

The only thing that could make going 10-6 sweeter, is pictures of Tom Jones in a crying jag, being arrested on a DUI. Quote, “No, I am not wrong. Its all a conspiracy.”

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