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MCCOY KISSES THE RING: Gerald McCoy went up to the podium at One Buc today and paid his respects to Peyton Manning, who he will be going against this Sunday. And by “paid his respects”, I mean verbally blew him. Like a really slow, deep verbal blowing. I’d cut and paste a quote from it, but you really have to read it all. And McCoy was really excited to let everyone know how much he loved Manning. He interrupted his own press conference to extoll Manning’s greatness. Pay attention to the SoundFX episode from this week and you’re going to hear McCoy ask for Manning’s autograph on the field.

ROSTER SPOTS FILLED: The Bucs filled out the roster spots left by the two players put on injured reserve with guard Derek Hardman and David Gilbreath, a wide receiver/returner who was recently waived by Pittsburgh. Hardman is more versatile than Jeremy Trueblood and the Bucs are one offensive line injury away from the Arena League, so it was a good move. And the Bucs’ return game has netted only slightly more than squat, so if Gilbreath can keep the Bucs from starting drives in their own endzone, fine. I said the same thing about Roscoe Parrish, though, so it’s apparently harder than it looks to find decent return men. Or a decent burger. Can you tell I’m hungry?

I also have to note that a safety was put on IR and a cornerback was suspended, yet neither of the two replacement players were in the secondary. So congratulations LeQuan Lewis and Danny Gorrer. I wonder if Peyton is intimidated.

I SHOULD PAY MORE ATTENTION: I pulled up the Bucs roster to make sure I knew Gorrer’s first name and started scrolling through it a little more carefully. Holy shit, there are a lot of unknown dudes on there. Here are some names for you. Without looking them up, have you ever heard of them or know what position they play? Aaron Morgan, Matthew Masifilo, David Douglas. Okay, I guess that’s only three, so I do know most of the roster. But still… I don’t even recognize those names from college. And who’s this guy LeGarrette Blount?

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worker b

worker b (November 29, 2012 at 08:39am:

I wonder if Gorrer and LeQuan Lewis will get to simultaneously match up with Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker at any point in the game. I’m sure Peyton will check down if so, especially if he sees Aaron Morgan coming off the edge.

Mark S

Mark S (November 29, 2012 at 09:40am:

I think it is going to take something close to a miracle for the Bucs to win this game. Peyton vs. our secondary, I may have to start Peyton for my fantasy team. That would be a new low as I have never started an opposing player on my Fantasy team. It just seems like a betrayal. The only ways I see us winning this game is a sackfest on Peyton, 253 yrds by Martin (keeping Manning off the field) or a lights out performance by Josh (After the game Manning retires stating “Now I have seen it all.”). By the way, keeping Manning off the field does not guarantee a win. I think it was against the Dolphins a couple of years ago, that Manning and the Colts won the game despite having only about 15 minutes time of possession.

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (November 29, 2012 at 03:19pm:

Have the Bucs ever won in Denver?

I remember Tampa beating them exactly once, I believe in 1999, something like 13-3. I was afraid of Terrell Davis, not knowing that he’d already lost it and was knee deep in a terrible season. Brian Griese was QB of the Broncos, I believe.

Other than that, I remember John Lynch coming back to Tampa to beat us in ’04, and Brian Griese beating us again in ’08, though this time in a Bucs uniform. I also remember Trent Dilfer staring down his receiver on the way to a pick-6 in 1995 in another loss in Denver.

Why I remember these things instead of, say, action items at work or girlfriend’s birthdays is another matter entirely.

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