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Ladies, listen to me. You always look worse with short hair. Every single time.
It sucks when the Bucs have a bad game because the analysts who get off on being constantly negative about the team finally have solid points to make. It’s like the old saying that even broken clocks are right twice a day. Except instead of clocks, it’s bastards.

But Tom Jones and Martin Fennelly both wrote pieces on Sunday’s Eagles game that were fair. Jones’s article was the better one, if only because he didn’t seem to take as much glee in the loss this time.

No question that Bucs QB Josh Freeman had his worst performance since his 10-completion game in a Week 3 loss to the Cowboys. He was 14-of-34 for 189 yards, and 40 of those came on one throw. He didn’t throw an interception, but that was because many of his throws weren’t close to ANYONE.

Pretty much, yeah. He goes on to point out that Freeman has been inconsistent for a few games now, making his article on how the Bucs should sign Freeman to an extension NOW seem somewhat premature. I thought he was right, but I’m always premature. Ask any girl I’ve ever dated.

But Fennelly’s article is almost jubilant in calling out Greg Schiano for his third-and-eight call to run the ball.

They ran on third and eight.


Then they stood or kneeled and they waited near the end zone for the replay to be reviewed. It should never have come to that. They had to know what was coming next: what they deserved. They’d blown it.

It’s not like no coach has ever said, “We’re going to punt and put the game in our defense’s hands” before. Granted, this particular defense is trying to defend the pass by yelling really mean things in the football’s direction. And this particular defense has defensive backs on it that would otherwise be on the practice squad if it wasn’t for trades and injuries and just run of the mill shittiness involving other players. But it’s Nick Foles. Surely Schiano must have thought they could fend off Nick Foles for a couple minutes. Nothing good has ever come out of Arizona. Why would Foles be the first?

“There were two ways to play it,” Schiano said.

Yes, there were.

“You could try to throw the ball,” Schiano said. “We decided to run the ball and make sure they use their timeout or let it tick.”

You have to go for it there, you have to take a shot, bad as Josh Freeman is right now, try a pass play to, say, Vincent Jackson (131 yards, one TD).

Just a crazy idea there, I guess.

And if Freeman had thrown a pick-six, Fennelly would have been down Schiano’s throat for putting the game in his hands when he was having such a bad day. Doug Martin had just run for 128 yards on the day. Yes, it was a conservative call. Yes, it was Martyball. Yes, it was playing not to lose. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. But a whole article on it? I would have passed on that down, so I guess I ultimately agree with him. But the fact that it’s Fennelly makes me want to disagree so much. He could be filmed with a pink ribbon on his shirt and I would try to find a reason why breast cancer isn’t so bad.

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dwtalso (December 13, 2012 at 07:42pm:

Man, Fennelly is a douche-tard.

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