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P.J. Fleck To Take Western Michigan Job

December 19, 2012 at 01:48am by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Remember sweeping Carolina? Remember how good that felt? Yeah, me neither.
According to PFT by way of the Kalamazoo Gazette, Bucs’ wide receivers coach P.J. Fleck will take the head coaching job at Western Michigan next Tuesday. And Vincent Jackson better damn well get a muffin basket from Fleck on his way out. The receiving corps is the only group that has pretty consistently produced this season and I’m going to guess that Fleck gets about 10% of the credit for that. Jackson makes every receiver he plays with look better and, apparently, makes receivers coaches get head coaching jobs. Seriously, Fleck. Muffin basket.

No word on who Fleck’s potential replacement might be, but if he can get Jackson to the stadium on time and point in the general direction of the field, he should do fine.

3 Comments to “P.J. Fleck To Take Western Michigan Job”

J. Martin

J. Martin (December 19, 2012 at 06:02pm:

When I was reading the article on TBO about the nice things Jeff Fisher said about Freeman, I saw a poll asking if fans thought he was the QB of the future. I clicked Yes, and then saw the results. Out of 3000+ fans I was among only 25% who thought Freeman the Bucs QB for the future. 55% said No, not talented enough. 20% said I don’t know.

This seems crazy to me. He’s a young QB still (24!), and playing some decent football this season. Last game was rough, obviously, but that simply happens from time to time, even to the greats (Peyton Manning throwing 6 INTs, anyone?). Freeman is not great yet. But he has the potential and drive to be. One thing that can slow his development down, or even kill it, would be a fan base that didn’t support him. That wears on a guy, no matter how mentally tough he is. Freeman still has his swagger, still seems confident and in control – maybe not of the ball always! Contrast that with someone like Sanchez, who seems like he has lost the trust of his teammates and will never be able to succeed in a Jets uniform now.

There’s my rant for the day. The point is this: Freeman is still the man.


HAGEN205 (December 19, 2012 at 06:58pm:

j martin im with you freeman is beast a top 10 qb

worker b

worker b (December 20, 2012 at 06:31am:

Adios P.J., I hardly knew you. Or even heard of you.

Vincent Jackson had his usual year, Mike Williams had his second best year out of three, and Dallas Clark caught a handful of passes. Other than Underwood (who was initially cut) the receiving corps has been a no-show as far as developing depth. Is Preston Parker still in the NFL? Is Arrelious Benn the second coming of career special teamer Maurice Stovall? Is Sammy Slaughter still around? I thought it was the deepest unit on the team, entering the preseason.

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