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REAR ENTRIES: Holiday Haters

December 22, 2012 at 01:27am by Scott   •  3 Comments »


NO SELLOUT FOR ST. LOUIS: The last home game of the season, this Sunday against St. Louis, will be blacked out to no one’s surprise. Not because the Bucs deserve it, but because if a new coach and an exciting new running back and a four-game winning streak wasn’t bringing the fans out, then a four-game losing streak probably isn’t the cure.

The Bucs, who once boasted a season-ticket waiting list of more than 100,000 fans, failed to sell out their first three regular-season home games this year have had 19 of their previous 23 home games blacked out.

That’s just unnecessarily rubbing it in. The 100,000 fan waiting list was YEARS ago and has no real relevance to the story. Did you know that the NY Jets, who once won a Super Bowl, suck now?

The Bucs were also the first NFL team to adopt the league’s new 85 percent rule, which allows clubs to declare a sellout and lift the local TV blackout if 85 percent of all non-premium seats are sold 72 hours before kickoff.

That part hurts. Because it means they can’t even really come close to selling out. At some point, the fans have to step up and take some responsibility. There are tickets available for $30 right now. I just saw them. The Glazers can’t do a hell of a lot else outside of having the cheerleaders go into the stands and give away free handjobs and massages.

Wait, on second thought, fans should hold out for that.

GO BACK TO COLLEGE: According to PFT, sometime after the game, an anonymous Buccaneer asked if there was a way to send the coaches “back to college”. And of course it was passed off as a sign that Greg Schiano is losing control of the team because, as we know, no successful team has ever had an anonymous asshole spout off when things aren’t going great at the moment. Just ask Keyshawn.

Ronde Barber disputed that the comment was even said, which I understand him doing, but probably is pointless since I’m sure someone said it. That doesn’t mean it was anyone of any consequence, though. Have you seen some of the names on the active roster? A good chunk of them will be selling insurance next August, and I’ll bet one of them is the spineless douche. And I really don’t care what he thinks of the coaches.

Let’s all stop and remember how things were last season before the Bucs had all these “college” coaches. Despite this losing streak, the Bucs are still miles better than they were this time last year.

FREEMAN KNOWS WHAT TO SAY: Josh Freeman had a shit game last week and people are talking about him not being the future of the team or the face of the franchise or whatever. And whether you believe that or not, you have to appreciate the way Josh is handling the criticism. The whole quote is good, so I’m pretty much snagging the entire article.

“It’s funny because one of my friends asked me about an article he read or something, but to be honest with you, I’m completely disconnected from it,” Freeman said of the chatter.

Freeman said he tries not to be swayed by “opinions that don’t matter” because they tend to become a distraction, and he can’t afford to let them alter his focus or preparation.

“I’m not saying the fans don’t matter because you want to go out and put a great product on the field for them,” Freeman said. “But there is nothing they can say or do that will affect me in a positive way or help me in my preparation.

“You see a lot of guys who get caught up in that and maybe they lose confidence in what got them (here) in the first place. So I’m working, I’m battling. You guys can argue it up, but I have one focus.”

Everyone says they don’t let it get to them, but Josh’s words are more believable than most. He’s got work to do and needs to make progress and get more consistent, but I think he’s got the attitude part of the job nailed.

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ammo10 (December 23, 2012 at 03:51pm:

Ok Freeman is a joke, this D is a joke. Can we just go ahead and forfeit the game next week? It’s gonna be sad to see another 3-4 pick game against the 2nd and 3rd stingers for Atlanta not to mention a 350+ yards and 2-3 td performance from the backup qb’s.


Louie (December 24, 2012 at 12:49pm:

It’s interesting the Bucs will end the season at the same place they ended last season. Unfortunately, the end result of both seasons are nightmarishly the same.

I would have swallowed an 0-8 start to end 6-10, but to likely end the season 0-6 is pathetic. Another disappointing season and another season w/no playoffs. Just what are we suppose to look forward to next year? A month ago I said they would be a Superbowl contender next year — god, what a stupid thing to say! I’m such a fool to believe that shit.

Say what you want about Gruden — he might not have won a playoff game since the Superbowl, but at least he had the Bucs in the playoffs much of the time.


Louie (December 24, 2012 at 07:34pm:

Thanks Scott for another great year of your Bucs wisdom and Merry Christmas all!

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