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This Is For Fighting, This Is For Fun

December 27, 2012 at 12:20am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Danny Gorrer made the play of the game. There's a happy statement.
I realize Wednesday night is pretty late to get to a game review, but I was busy Monday and the Bucs weren’t going to ruin my Christmas day the same way they ruined my Monday night (when I actually watched the game). And really, there isn’t a lot left to say. Josh Freeman was, again, bad. You can blame some of that on receiver errors and playcalling, but even after allowing for that, he was still inaccurate and erratic most of the time. The defensive line got no sacks while the offensive line gave up five and didn’t create a lot of push for a running game. The only group that really showed any kind of improvement is the secondary, if you can believe that. Danny Gorrer had a great game and Leonard Johnson played well too (he would have been even better if he could have held on to a forced fumble — a play that may have changed the game). Mark Barron had some nice hits in the running game (still weak in pass coverage) and the entire seondary didn’t get totally scorched like in the last few weeks. That one pass to start the second half sucked, but I’ll bet there was a linebacker out of position there and the safety couldn’t recover in time. I deleted the game as soon as I was done watching it, but that sounds like something a smart person would say, so I’ll stick with it.

Is it just me or did Greg Schiano completely squander the end of the first half? Was it totally out of the question to try to drive the team into field goal range and go into the locker room on a high note? He went into halftime with all three of his timeouts still in his pocket. One checkdown to Doug Martin with 32 seconds left and that was it. It showed no balls and after that the offense looked spent. The defense kept up their end of the deal, but the offense didn’t look motivated after that. I don’t want to say they quit on him because I don’t think that’s the case and it’s a huge deal to make that accusation. But it was like they were running at 3/4 speed. I think the decision to limp into the locker room without trying to gain 45 yards in 32 seconds with 3 timeouts to burn sent the message that they weren’t playing to win. Schiano is a hard ass and for a guy who storms the victory formation, the end of the first half had none of the balls we’re used to.

The upcoming game against the Falcons kind of sucks because nothing really good can come from it. If they win, it will probably be against backups and that seems hollow. But if they lose, it’s six losses in a row and the last one was against scrubs and holy shit Greg Schiano will totally go Gunnery Sergeant Hartman on the team. I don’t know if any decisions have been made yet by the Bucs front office, but they have to be lamenting the fact that this upcoming offseason is total shit for quarterbacks, both in the draft and free agency. No one is coming off a contract that is worth a damn except Joe Flacco and Baltimore has zero options better than him so you can bank on them keeping him around at least for another year. And this is just a plain weak QB class. It’s not that I want the Bucs to replace Freeman, but they may need some options. Some real competition. And Schiano has shown that he will not put up with bullshit like turnovers and complete failure in the red zone, so something’s gonna happen. This Falcons game may determine how much of that something is going to happen, though.

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RustyRhino (December 27, 2012 at 03:13pm:

Thanks for the clip, I’m still laughing. I should have joined the Marine Corps! Laurence of Arabia… Ouah!

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