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Good Luck With That

January 03, 2013 at 10:26am by Scott   •  6 Comments »


At the press conference after the Falcons game, Greg Schiano said he believes Josh Freeman will win Super Bowls. Then he talked about adding competition at quarterback.

“Do I think Josh Freeman is going to win Super Bowls? I do. But … the one thing I do believe in is competition at every spot, including the quarterback.”

Dan Orlovsky is not competition for Freeman, but honestly, this is a terrible year for Schiano to make this statement because it’s pretty empty, even if he doesn’t know it yet. The best quarterback whose contract is ending is Joe Flacco, and there’s no possible way Baltimore lets him leave. Like, none. The #2 pending free agent? Jason Campbell. He has been a starter in the league and has some skills, but Freeman is superior. After that, it just gets sad. Tavaris Jackson, anyone?

The draft is kind of crappy for quarterbacks this year, too. If there was some elite college quarterback that fell to the Bucs at #13, they’d have a decision to make. But that’s not going to happen because there are no Andrew Lucks or Robert Griffins this year. So they’d have to bank on some mid-round prospect being better than advertised. Aaron Murray (Georgia) is probably the best of those prospects and he hasn’t even declared yet. And I’m here to tell you that Tyler Bray (Tennessee) isn’t beating Freeman at anything except possibly a bottle-throwing contest. Bray has raw physical skills that could be developed over time, but he is not competition for Freeman right now. And I know people are going to mention their quarterbacks from their favorite schools (Mike Glennon, Ryan Nassib, EJ Manuel, etc.) any of which may be a great developmental prospect. But if Schiano is looking to add real competition for this offseason, you can’t bank on any of those guys. Russell Wilson, a third-rounder who won the starting job out of training camp and has already led his team to the playoffs, is a very rare situation.

The last option is to trade for a quarterback to compete with Freeman, and that may be the way to get the best player. But the target would be a Matt Cassel or Matt Flynn type of player who has demonstrated some competency on a very limited level. Usually teams in desperate need of a quarterback roll the dice on a guy like this to make him their starter. Has it ever worked out that way? I mean, ever? I can’t think of one that has. The Bucs may not think they need a starter, but if they really want competition for Freeman, they need to get one that at least has that potential or you’re just shuffling backups. So, yeah, I’m sure Colt McCoy will be available for a reasonable price. Is that the solution, though?

Freeman had some brilliant games during the winning streak and some abominable games during the losing streak. Every time he overthrew a receiver by a good five feet you wanted to run onto the field and just kick him in the nuts really hard. He wasn’t consistent, but the talent is there. By all accounts, Freeman is a hard worker and eager to learn. So unless he’s just dumb and unteachable, you have to blame his inconsistency on his position coach. Ron Turner‘s greatest success story as a quarterback coach is Kyle Orton. Anyone see an issue here?

Competition be nice, but serious competition isn’t going to happen this season. The other way to make Freeman better is to give him a better teacher. That’s where I’d start.

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HouseofG (January 03, 2013 at 01:28pm:

I agree with all of the above (though I haven’t studied the QB draft class and don’t intend to), but since you asked, an example of a QB trade that worked out well (unless I’m misunderstanding your criteria) is Matt Schaub from Atlanta to Houston.


Meatmaster (January 03, 2013 at 02:00pm:

Fucking shit! Don’t think it would be possible to make eye contact with her just be talkin to titties.


TheDukeMan70 (January 03, 2013 at 02:02pm:

While its true Joe Flacco is thebest Qb in free agency, you can’t ignore the fact that 1. Phillip Rivers may not be back in SD, and 2. Alex Smith will most certainly will not be a 49er next season. i think smith would be good competition for freeman. Yea, hes had a season and a half of good football and the rest has been trash, but what hes done lately has been good and on a run first team like the bucs he could be pretty decent (if he were to beat out freeman). Plus, V Jax & Mike Williams are more talented than any WRs he has had in san fran.


Scott (January 03, 2013 at 04:06pm:

Good call on Schaub.

Rivers is not going to come to a team where there is such an established QB. It’s not like the Bucs are really trying to replace Freeman. They just want to kick him in the ass. Smith is a possibility, but there will be a job where he will have a better shot at starting than the Bucs. In order for there to REALLY be competition, everyone has to believe that the Bucs are truly ready to move on from Freeman. I just don’t see that level of doubt yet.


jampersands (January 03, 2013 at 05:48pm:

I was just wondering if the Bucs would have won more games this season with a game manager like Smith. I doubt it, because Smith doesn’t have the arm strength to throw VJax the long ball, but he would certainly be a legit competitor for Freeman.

That said, I agree with you, some team like the Cardinals or Chiefs or even the Bills will give Smith more money to start for a year or two.


campyone (January 05, 2013 at 02:25pm:

IMHO it isn’t realistic to think in terms of a QB who might beat Freeman out right now. The Bucs are committed to Freeman and there isn’t anyone the Bucs have a realistic chance of getting who’s so much better that he could replace Freeman right now. I think we look for a QB who has enough raw talent and in whom we have enough invested that Freeman looks at him and thinks “uh oh, I better improve or I’m not going to have a job a couple years from now.” IOWs, a “project” with a lot of raw talent. I’m not sure who that would be but there must be someone out there like that.

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