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Mid-Round Draftable Quarterbacks

January 09, 2013 at 12:58am by Scott   •  7 Comments »

He can sling the ball a long way, but the throwing motion makes Byron Leftwich cringe.
I’ll do a proper post on all draftable quarterbacks in the coming weeks, but for now Roy Cummings lists a few that he thinks have potential to be Josh Freeman‘s competition in 2013 that could be had on the second or third days. I’ve already explained the reasons why this is bogus competition, but since he went to all the trouble of writing it, let’s just pretend there’s a real possibility that some mid-round rookie could oust Freeman.

As the draft is being projected now, there is a chance experienced prospects from big-time programs such as Landry Jones of Oklahoma and E.J. Manuel of Florida State could be available.

Enticing prospects such as Zac Dysert (Miami of Ohio) or Colin Klein (Kansas State) should be there for the taking in the middle rounds, as well. And if juniors Tyler Bray (Tennessee), Aaron Murray (Plant High and Georgia) and Keith Price (Washington) opt in, the Bucs could have a shot at one of them as well.

Jones is experienced but has flawed mechanics and has only played out of the shotgun. He’s still kind of raw for being a four-year starter. Manuel is a better physical specimen and is fundamentally better than Jones, but makes questionable decisions. Klein is actually pretty good. He’s a good athlete with a decent arm and no flaws that can’t be coached away. I’ve already covered Bray, who has the best arm of the bunch but makes some boneheaded decisions and is kind of a douche. Murray may be the best overall quarterback here and with the success of 5-11 Russell Wilson, everyone is going to get hot on Murray who is 6-0. But there’s a reason why most good quarterbacks are tall. Still, he has good SEC experience and has had success. [Update: turns out Murray is staying at Georgia for his senior year.] Price is a tough kid who sometimes overthrows his receivers by a good mile and should just stay the fuck in school. And if you’ve ever heard of Dysert, congratulations, you have bedsores.

We’ll see if the combine makes any of these quarterbacks stand out any more, but if a team takes any of these kids besides Murray in the second round, they’re reaching. The Bucs need too much elite talent at other positions to consider taking a quarterback before the third, and even that’s stretching it if you ask me. People are going to point to Wilson as an example of how, with the right scouting, you can get a good quarterback in the mid rounds and play him early and go to the playoffs. But for every Wilson, there are a couple Colt McCoys and Jimmy Clausens who will bend your team over and fuck it with a conch shell if you turn your team over to them. And hey, if the Bucs go ahead and take the flyer on one of these guys, fine. Mark Dominik has my vote of confidence, so if he thinks one of them is worth it, I’m behind him. But let’s not set this up as a competition for Freeman. Just get the best quarterback coach possible and mold Freeman into what we know he can be.

On a totally different note, did you know Ron Cooper is still employed?

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jampersands (January 09, 2013 at 01:36am:

Re-posted question of draft relevance: Has anyone watched our corners enough under Schiano to know whether they are playing mostly zone or man to man? My gut impression is that they played more man to man, but it’s hard to say if they even played defense at all come the end of the season.

Just asking so I know how to interpret all these draft scouting reports on different cornerbacks. Does Schiano’s D require a guy who can cover man to man and has 1st round speed, or can we get a perhaps slower, better tackling guy a la Ronde Barber?


jampersands (January 09, 2013 at 01:37am:

Also, anybody else envisioning Dee Milliner in a Bucs uniform after watching him eat Notre Dame alive?


BaldBuc4055 (January 09, 2013 at 05:17am:

I’d love to see Milliner in Bucs colors, but I don’t see him falling all the way to 13.


Scott (January 09, 2013 at 07:34am:

I saw them mostly in man.

Milliner really shot up the boards in a hurry. We’ll see how he does in the combine, but right now he’s being projected around #6 – #12.


TheBrainStem (January 09, 2013 at 08:20am:

I think I saw where Murray has decided to stay for his senior year.

For the Tampa/St. Pete locals the East-West Shrine game is a week from Saturday at the Trop. I am going to try and make it over there. It is not as big as the Senior Bowl but is still a chance to look at some late round prospects.

Mark S

Mark S (January 09, 2013 at 08:59am:

I agree with Scott that we have too many needs to be drafting a QB with a premium pick. This team and Josh would look a lot better with a healthy OL and a better defense. Corner is still number one priority. A relief running back that can play on third down is a must or we will use up Martin very quickly. DL is still a need area and strong side LB is also a need area. With all of those needs I cannot see drafting a QB until rounds 4 or 5.

Now that Ryan has been fired from Dallas, what is the thinking about hiring him as our DC? The pros are that his attack style fits with Schiano, he improved the Cowboys defense, and their DL was an area of strength. The cons are that he may not be able to co-exist with Schiano and the Ryan kids seem incapable of sustaining excellence.

I think Schiano should be looking for some new defensive coaches and particularly a new DC. We need someone with a good NFL resume and Ryan may be the best available.

Mark S

Mark S (January 09, 2013 at 12:21pm:

There are not any quality QBs going into free agency but what about a trade for someone like Alex Smith? He has shown that he can play in this league with the right coaching and scheme.

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