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One More Buccaneer To The Pro Bowl

January 15, 2013 at 09:51am by Scott   •  No Comments »

Did I mention that the Bucs swept the Panthers?
With both Julio Jones and Frank Gore being in the NFC Championship Game, one of them will necessarily have to drop out of the Pro Bowl when they advance to the Super Bowl. This will put one more Buccaneer in the Pro Bowl — either Doug Martin or Vincent Jackson. And it really should be Martin since Gore shouldn’t have made it in in the first place because Alfred Morris outperformed both of them as a sixth-round rookie. But Martin was still the third-best running back in the NFC and his presence in Hawaii would be a good reward for him and a nice token Buccaneer from an offense that made a lot of progress in 2012.

Not to take anything away from Jackson, who had an awesome season and the highest per-catch average of any receiver who caught more than 11 balls. Jackson should have definitely gotten in over Victor Cruz, who is probably just getting a consolation prize for being underpaid. Jackson should take his newly advanced roster bonus and go to Hawaii on his own and buy out everything Cruz wants to do. It would be fun to listen to a concierge explain it to him. “I’m sorry, Mr. Cruz, you can’t swim here. Mr. Jackson has rented every pool on the island for the day. And every night club. And every zip line. He left a note suggesting you salsa your way to Jason Pierre-Paul‘s room and see if you can hang out there.”

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