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Vincent Jackson Is Nice To Buc Fans

January 25, 2013 at 12:47am by Scott   •  2 Comments »

When his kid gets a little older, I'll make it a clicky.

Reader “David” is in Hawaii (where he lives because he is jealous of our freezing rain and clothing not made out of grass) taking in the sights and sounds of the Pro Bowl. And by “taking in the sights and sounds” I mean “hopped a fence near the back of the property” (his words). But it worked because a few minutes after he explained to his son that trespassing is only a misdemeanor, Vincent Jackson came around, walked by them and posed for pictures with him and his family. From his email:

We asked him to take a picture with us and he was really cool in person.

When Jackson was with the Chargers, I always considered him a prick because of the holdout and suspension. Holdouts especially never endear a player to the fans, so with his team being on the west coast and me really not caring, that was my impression of him until he got to Tampa. But everything I read and hear about Jackson as a Buccaneer is positive. He’s a hard worker and good at practice, he’s good with the young receivers and is (obviously) good to the fans. Jackson was on his own time and could have just brushed off David and his family to go partake in the hot tubs full of 19-year old hula girls and the best pineapple in the world (or so I hear). But according to a Bucstats reader (who we know are THE MOST RELIABLE SOURCES OF BUCCANEER INFORMATION ANYWHERE), he’s a good guy who took the time. So I take it all back. Vincent Jackson: not a prick.

Hey, don’t take it lightly. Do you know how many athletes and celebrities you can’t say that about? If David had encountered, say, Warren Sapp instead, I’m sure there’d still be a Super Bowl ring imprint on the side of David’s face and he’d still be groggy from the contact high.

2 Comments to “Vincent Jackson Is Nice To Buc Fans”


Glen_Runciter (January 25, 2013 at 09:12am:

same here, always thought he is a diva, but he seems totally okay. though we somehow managed to make even Winslow behave like a normal human being. we might be just good influence to asshole, who knows?


Glen_Runciter (January 25, 2013 at 09:18am:


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