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Oh You Jackass

February 18, 2013 at 11:52pm by Scott   •  4 Comments »


Because falling from the first round in his draft because of his knee and then missing the first six games of last season because of his Achille’s wasn’t challenging enough, Da’Quan Bowers thought he’d make his NFL career a little more interesting by carrying a loaded gun into a New York airport.

Bowers had a loaded .40 caliber firearm in his carry-on bag as he was attempting to get on a US Airways flight to Raleigh, North Carolina.

The story is that Bowers forgot he had the gun in his bag and then, once he remembered it, told TSA workers and made them aware of the situation. Which is what he should have done in that situation. But what would have been better is not being so cavalier with his guns that he forgets he has one is his carry-on bag. My question is, where did he confess? Had he already passed through security and been cleared? Here’s how it’s worded in the original article:

He was about to board a US Airways flight to Raleigh, North Carolina.

That makes it sound like he was at the gate, right? So let’s all take a moment to thank a TSA worker for pulling 88-year old women aside in order to inspect their colostomy bags while not noticing a loaded handgun in a bag. And I’m not a fan of profiling, but if you hold up a headshot of the old lady and a headshot of Bowers and ask 100 people, “Who is more likely to hijack an airplane with a handgun?” I’ll say 101 will say Bowers because the guy asking the questions will say, “I know, right?” after every person gives the obvious answer.

Oh, and congratulations to Bowers for picking New York to pull this stunt right after they signed new gun laws into effect, one of which is a magazine limit of seven rounds. Bowers’s weapon was reported as a .40 caliber handgun. The Glock 22, a popular .40 caliber handgun, has a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds. He should have flown out of Dallas where they issue guns to you like headphones and peanuts.

Mark Dominik had no comment about this situation, but DL line depth is pretty shitty, so I’m going to say this isn’t going to affect Bowers’s status on the team. Maybe there will be a fine or something, but certainly nothing more than a suspension. And that’s how it should be. He actually surrendered the gun when he figured it out, which is a whole lot different than trying to sneak it past everyone. It was dumb — really fucking dumb — but not malicious. And completely different than Plaxico Burress‘s thing where he shot himself in the leg while carrying a loaded handgun into a night club and, you know, SECURED IT IN THE WAISTBAND OF HIS SWEATPANTS. If Bowers gets the same two years in prison that Burress got, then the justice system in New York obviously isn’t the well-oiled machine I remember from The Warriors.

4 Comments to “Oh You Jackass”


cubsandbucsfan (February 19, 2013 at 02:21pm:

Is there any chance he gets out of this without prison time? It just seems like he picked the wrong time in the wrong part of the country to be stupid. Sad to say, but my guess is he is done and they will throw the book at him. I sure hope I am wrong, way wrong.


Glen_Runciter (February 19, 2013 at 06:15pm:

this is Andre Smith-level of stupidity. that’s pretty fucking low.


HAGEN205 (February 19, 2013 at 07:35pm:

dam thats all i got


jarldg (February 19, 2013 at 08:43pm:

cubs, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I wrote up a long piece but to summarize, as a New York attorney, I think he’ll get it adjourned in contemplation of dismissal and have to behave for six months to a year. Then it will be closed and sealed. I don’t see him doing any jail time.

Hopefully Goodell let’s him slide, too.

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