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You’re Not Scaring Josh

March 04, 2013 at 10:24pm by Scott   •  3 Comments »

Between this and the Michael Jackson thing, just stop.
Stephen Holder took a look at the free agent crop of quarterbacks and politely called it “thin”. Not that it matters to the Bucs too much. They want competition for Josh Freeman, but he’s not losing his starting job anytime soon. So the only way they’re going to put a scare in Josh is if they draft a quarterback in the middle rounds. I mean, would you be scared if Matt Moore was highlighted as the best in this free agent class?

He’s not an answer as a long-term solution for a club unstable at quarterback, but he might be a temporary fix. Moore never has had much talent around him, but he has managed to show some ability.

He’s the top of the heap and he’s “a temporary fix”. At best. And it starts to take a steep dive from there.

Jason Campbell, $$
David Garrard, $$
Drew Stanton, Colts — $
David Carr, Giants — $
Matt Leinart, Raiders — $
Charlie Batch, Steelers — $
Brady Quinn, Chiefs — $
Derek Anderson, Panthers — $
Josh Johnson, free agent — $

If the Bucs want a solid backup behind Freeman and want to upgrade over Dan Orlovsky, David Carr might make the most sense. He has a lot of starting experience and wouldn’t cost much. I don’t see anyone else on that list that I would trust more than Orlovsky to not lose a game if Freeman got hurt. But Freeman is a better quarterback than most of those guys combined, so they should forget the competition talk unless they’re taking a flyer on a big arm in, say, the fifth round (Tyler Bray, anyone?).

3 Comments to “You’re Not Scaring Josh”

Mark S

Mark S (March 05, 2013 at 08:40am:

Tyler Bray in the fifth would be good value for the Bucs and could make sense depending on who we get in FA and the draft picks before him. However, in a draft very thin at QB, I would be pleasantly surprised to see Bray last that long. Now if we could get him arrested for drunk in public at a stripper club while getting a lap dance,that might work. Too bad we don’t know anyone with experience in hookers and strippers.

Mark S

Mark S (March 05, 2013 at 11:50am:

In reading about the combine, draft and opinions, it is looking increasingly likely that Dee and Xavier will both be gone by the 13th pick. We will either need to trade down or reach to get a CB in the first round. If we do neither then it is likely that Trufant and Banks will be gone before we pick again. So who is the fifth best CB in the draft? Here’s hoping we address CB in free agency.


Louie (March 06, 2013 at 12:35pm:

Regardless of whether Josh is the Bucs QB of the future or not, I think the team needs a capable backup QB in case of injury. Josh has proven to be very durable, but at some point he’s likely to get injured and the backup is going to need to play.

I’m a big believer in drafting a mid-round QB this year – if one is available the Bucs like. Baring injury, he’s going to sit this year. However, he’ll learn the system and if Josh tanks, the Bucs have a plan B – or a least someone who (hopefully) can get them by until the next franchise QB is ready.

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