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Brad Johnson Should Update His Will

October 22, 2008 at 09:27am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Jessica Simpson doesn't do clickys.  Bitch.
According to Tony Romo, Brad Johnson will start for the Cowboys against the Bucs on Sunday.

“I’ll say it will be Brad,” Romo said. “Brad is going to go this week, unless something different happens that we don’t foresee. It will be very difficult to change.

At one point while Johnson was still with the Bucs, he had the third-highest completion percentage in NFL history. By now he must have dropped out of the Top 25 because he’s been sucking koala cock for the last couple years. Against the Rams, Johnson completed 50% of his passes, was picked three times and had a 45.5 passer rating — against the Rams. The Rams had the worst-ranked everything before that game.

Backing up Johnson is Brooks Bollinger, whose parents were too poor to be able to afford a first name for him. Bollinger last played for the Vikings where he started one game and was sacked seven times. Granted, the Dallas offensive line is better than the Minnesota one was last year, but if this guy can’t find an open receiver, he’s shown that he’ll hold onto the ball too long and take the sack. Unlike Johnson who will throw the ball in any old direction. Regardless of who is in for Romo, this is gonna be sweeeeeet.

I’m so glad Jeff Garcia is our quarterback instead of Romo. Photos of Jessica Simpson aren’t hard to come by, but she doesn’t take the ones that I have to hide behind clickys. Say what you want about Garcia, but he really thinks of the bloggers when he picks his broads.

One Comment to “Brad Johnson Should Update His Will”

Slow Joe

Slow Joe (October 22, 2008 at 10:15am:

I have a bad feeling, and I am trying to knock it out of my subconscious. I really would rather that the Cowboys were at full strength, if not for any other reason because everyone would be talking about how great they are and we’d be the big underdogs with huge chips on our shoulders.

Now, with all the bad press the Cowboys are getting, people are predicting upsets left and right like we’re supposed to go into Dallas and kick their asses.

That just makes me uneasy.

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