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Bucs Might See The Mighty Quinn

October 22, 2008 at 01:47pm by Scott   •  2 Comments »

Quinn Gray is so happy that he'll be able to afford a pillow this week.
That creaking sound you’re hearing is Bruce Gradkowski hanging himself from a ceiling fan because he lost out on the Kansas City job to Quinn Gray.

The Chiefs signed quarterback Quinn Gray and he was to be at practice with the Chiefs today.

Gray formerly played with Jacksonville. He was one of two quarterbacks to workout for the Chiefs on Tuesday. Bruce Gradkowski was the other.

Brodie Croyle will be placed on the injured-reserve list and have surgery soon to repair torn knee ligaments.

So, Croyle is out, Damon Huard has been hurt twice and Tyler Thigpen has a stupid name. It is certainly possible that Gray will be the quarterback for the Chiefs when the Bucs go to Kansas City in two weeks. I would taunt him more, but that fucker beat the Bucs when he was with Jacksonville last year with a last-second pass to Matt Jones. He only completed seven passes for 100 yards, but he made them count. Of course, he had a decent offensive line in Jacksonville, too. I think Kansas City has replaced most of their line with their Fathead equivalents.

Can you believe some of these quarterbacks the Bucs are facing this year? Brad Johnson, Matt Ryan, Gus Frerotte, JaMarcus Russell, Aaron Rodgers, whoever Kansas City and Detroit decide to field. These are guys either in their first real, active season in the NFL or their ninetieth. It reminds me a lot of the 2002 season when they faced such powerhouse quarterbacks as Randy Fasani, Akili Smith and Henry Burris. Hey, they were 5-2 during that season, too. I seem to remember that it turned out pretty good in the end.

UPDATE: Motherfucker, Stephen Holder wrote something very similar to this last paragraph about two hours before I did. I hadn’t seen it when I started writing but it still makes me look like a jackass. I mean, more of a jackass.

2 Comments to “Bucs Might See The Mighty Quinn”


TheBrainStem (October 22, 2008 at 04:05pm:

We faced a couple of back up quarterback last year. Gray being one and Rosenfels being one of them. We lost those games and sqeaked out a game versus the Titans when Collins had to come in on the fly. Yeah, Del(my)hommie was gone for a game we lost too. To think these games will be easy might be off just a tad.


JoeV (October 22, 2008 at 05:43pm:

Damn dude looks just like Mike Tomlin.

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