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Ref Late With Whistle, Right On Time With Swearing

November 17, 2008 at 09:30pm by Scott   •  1 Comment »

He just can't seem to pat his stomach at the same time.
Later on tonight, I’m going to re-watch that wildcat play where Jeremy Trueblood got flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after blasting Chad Greenway, supposedly after the whistle had blown. According to Jeremy, that’s not the way it happened.

“They hadn’t blown the whistle yet, and they were stripping the ball away from (Warrick Dunn),” Trueblood said. “So, I go knock the guy down. I asked the (official), ‘How do I know that if the ball flies out, you’re not going to call a fumble because there was no whistle.’ He looked at me and said, ‘I know I was a little late on the whistle. I’m working on it.’

I would expect an Arby’s cashier to learn on the job. But you should never have to say, “I’m working on it” if you’re an NFL official. And if he’s admitting that he was late on the whistle, why did he throw the flag? How dare he besmirch the impeccable reputation of Jeremy Trueblood!

“I told him, ‘I hope you know you just killed our drive.’ He told me to, ‘Shut the (expletive) up.’ Are (officials) allowed to talk to players like that?”

Yes, they are. And they’re also on the field for every play. Trueblood should have offered Garcia a couple thousand to waste an incompletion and throw a fastball right into that official’s nuts. Garcia fucking loves money — he’d do it. 15 yards? Fine. How about 15 stitches up the length of your sac? And when he’s writhing on the ground, screaming in pain, Trueblood can make nice for the camera, put a hand on his shoulder, lean over and quietly whisper, “Shut the fuck up.”

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Bricen (November 17, 2008 at 10:40pm:

I like that…

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