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Holy Balls They’re Still In It

December 16, 2008 at 10:00am by Scott   •  6 Comments »

Buttsecks - UR doing it wrong.
Apparently my calculations were off on Sunday because I thought for sure after the loss to the Falcons that the Bucs were currently out of the playoffs and the first “In the Hunt” team. But according to, the Buccaneers are still in control of their own playoff destiny.

The Bucs are the #6 seed in the NFC and would have a wildcard game in Minnesota. But nothing is guaranteed unless they win out. The Chargers are on a two-game winning streak, but those wins were against the Chiefs and the Raiders, so it’s not like they count for much.

And in case you’re wondering, the banner pic is only there because it amuses me. It’s like a visual representation of what the Panthers and Falcons did to the Bucs over the last couple weeks.

UPDATE: As an answer to a message board question out there, I ran the playoff scenarios and it turns out that the Bucs can still possibly win the division if the Panthers lose out and the Bucs win out. The Bucs would beat the Panthers with the #4 tie-breaker, conference wins. If the Vikings lose out as well, the Bucs win that head-to-head and move up to the #2 seed. It’s a lot of “ifs”, but if you’re looking for some hope and positivity, there ya go.

6 Comments to “Holy Balls They’re Still In It”


TheBrainStem (December 16, 2008 at 02:55pm:

I know Gruden brought a Super bowl victory, but how long is he going to ride that wave. In the few after that victory we have had three losing seasons and two “one and done” playoff appearances. In my eyes that not good enough. This organization along with the fans decided that Dungy needed to go. This guy has not proven to me he is worthy of coaching this team. If Gruden did not inherit that defense do you think we would be in this position. If that were the situation we would look like the Browns right now(Constant Losers.) I watched our defense this past week shut down the Falcons and our offense not be as productive. There is no excuse for our offensive output. Gruden should have come out and put the blame on himself. If we were to not make the playoffs, I say screw his extension and frag the sonbitch! Make Morris the head coach and teach by baptism through fire.


Scott (December 16, 2008 at 04:10pm:

I’m disappointed with the overall offensive production over the last few years. But I still think he’s a good coach. 3 NFC South championships, a Super Bowl, two Pro Bowl quarterbacks, the ends of the away playoff game curse, the cold weather curse, the kickoff return curse, the winningest coach in Buccaneer history. There are really only two things I would try to improve about him.

1) His personnel skills. I don’t care if he’s straight with the media or the public. Fuck all of us for thinking he owes us his secrets. But he should be straight with his players. I think right now Luke McCown feels like he was screwed, and maybe Joey Galloway does a little, too. He should learn how to deal with those kinds of issues better, or make Bruce Allen more involved in management of people and just let Gruden be the coach.

2) I’m wondering if he doesn’t surround himself with “yes” men. Rich Bisaccia, Bill Muir, Richard Mann… do they ever challenge him when they think he is stalling out on the offense? Did Greg Olson pipe up and say that Brian Griese was not the right guy to play on Sunday? Maybe the reason the offense stagnates is because he doesn’t have an infusion of fresh ideas because he only hires people who will kowtow to him. He’s smart, but he needs to be challenged.

Raheem Morris is a dynamic and energetic guy, but he’s not ready for a head coach job yet. He needs a couple years as a defensive coordinator. Herm Edwards never had that and he’s been pretty miserable. If you throw Morris into the fire too soon, you’ll ruin his career.


TheBrainStem (December 16, 2008 at 07:02pm:

I’m just pissed because he raised my bp and I can’t get it down. Now I will need to take 2 Avodart and have a heart attack. Then I will take some Bayer asprin and be okay.


TheBrainStem (December 16, 2008 at 07:06pm:

One other thing Dungy’s era in Indy the offense has stayed the same but the defense got better(I’m not saying they are the best but alot better than before he got there) with Gruden the defense is still getting it done but no improvment on the offensive side. What has he accomplished? As wishy washy as our team has been you would think to have seen more improvment on that side of the ball. Offensive minded coaches you would think have good offenses not the other way around.

Thanks for the counter points.

Matt Price

Matt Price (December 16, 2008 at 07:45pm:

I have long doubted Gruden’s ability as a coach. I agree that if the defense had not been so stupendous, we would be have been miserable. My problems with Gruden are:

1. Our offensive lines have never played even close to their potential. When I watch the schemes, I see confusion, I see bad technique, I see poor communication.

2. I believe our running game is ineffective because Gruden will not spread the field. With enough defenders in the box, Jim Brown himself could not have gotten through. If we don’t throw anything more than 10 yards deep, there is no reason to move any defenders out of the box (we even make this worse by constantly running the trips formation, which brings the corners closer to the ball as well).

3. Gruden is unwilling to take shots into the end zone. I do blame Gruden for this, not the QBs, because its been the same with each of the quarterbacks. The problem is that Gruden’s offense suffers from one fundamental flaw — the idea that the receiver should break the first tackle. Defenses are too fast, and they’re just good enough tacklers, to make this strategy unreliable.

4. Unimaginative play calling. If I can sit on my fat ass calling out his plays, then a D-cordinator who studies film can do the same.

5. Fearful play calling. Bryant called him out on that this week in fact. If the offense faces any sort of adversity, Gruden will hand it off on a draw play and then punt. He doesn’t seem to realize that you can win by more than three point.

6. He does SEEM to have a penchant for alienating good players. Admittingly, we don’t know the details, but there are too many Galloways in Gruden’s past for there not to be something going on. Behavior like that may work at first, but will ultimately prove self-defeating.

I’m actually torn on Gruden. I think he’s assembled a great team (except for the missing QB — though Garcia is servicable). He’s made some great calls I never would have made (Stevens, Bryant). But he does not seem to be capable of moving the team beyond being just good enough to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Plus, we never seem to beat good team, just bad teams — that makes us a bad team.

If I were the owner, I would like to see him improve on the areas above or I would probably fire him (if I could find someone better) or I would make him hire an offensive coordinator.


Jon (December 17, 2008 at 02:45pm:

I think you all make great points. Overall, I just want a stronger sense of progress with the team, where each year we are doing better than the year before.

If anything, Gruden could have more consideration for BrainStem’s health…

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