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Gaines Adams = “Intern”

January 28, 2009 at 11:18am by Scott   •  1 Comment »

Shanahan's stomach is getting upset because he knows Rice isn't good enough to stay on the team, but he's still strong enough to beat his ass.
This is kind of the second part of the Simeon Rice post from last night. Evidently, the interview kept going after PFT’s excerpt. Rice went on to say nice things about all the other defensive coaches on the Buccaneer staff. And then he shilled for a job.

Monte was the truth, man,” Rice said. “Monte’s a great, classy coach. Rod Marinelli, he’s my favorite guy of all time. Mike Tomlin, great coach. Now they’ve got Raheem [Morris] who is a great person. I already called Raheem [and said], ‘Listen, I’m ready to come back and let’s do this.’ You’ve got a lot of interns at my spot right now. They had some interns a couple of years. Now they need to come back and upgrade that spot, get the real deal, put him in the game and let him go! That’s how I feel!”

Three sacks over his last two seasons in the league, and then he was out this year. You knew there was another angle to this. No one is buying his shit clothes, no one wanted to do a shit reality show on his feeble attempt at a comeback and now no one is going to his shit party for his shit label. So he’s trying to get back into the only thing that was ever successful for him.

Look, Rice was great at getting to the quarterback. No doubt about it. I was actually one of the ones who didn’t like the move to cut him (back when I didn’t know his shoulder would never heal.) And Gaines Adams may not yet be up his level. But do you think Adams would ever get on the radio and call out the guy who eventually replaces him and call him an intern? And then send out a public plea to the head coach to get his old job back? Some things are more important than talent, and Rice doesn’t have any of them.

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Matt Price

Matt Price (January 28, 2009 at 12:25pm:

I was a big Rice fan as well, but the more he talks the more he drops in my estimation. I think his criticism of Gruden was probably true — mainly because so many people are saying the same thing (which is very unusual in the NFL) — but there was no reason for him to say it, except to pile on. That’s just kind of dirty.

To now add criticism of “the interns” makes me think he’s not in touch with the reality of his situation. Not to mention that I think Adams is well on his way to being as good as Rice — only better against the run.

Rice should have slunk off quietly into retirement.

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