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He’ll Be Pouting In A Different Uniform This Year

April 01, 2009 at 10:43am by Scott   •  7 Comments »

You know the closing theme to the Incredible Hulk when David Banner was hitchhiking to his next town?  That's the song I hear when I see Jay Cutler.
Christ, this again? Anytime you think that the Buccaneers are in bad shape because of the regime change, just take a look at Denver and feel better instantly. The first thing their new doughfaced coach does is try to trade the franchise quarterback — the one stable piece of that team. And then when the trade doesn’t go through and said quarterback is pissed, Josh McDaniels didn’t force Jay Cutler‘s hand by telling him to play ball or stay home. He pussyfooted around the whole situation, letting Cutler’s sulking and trade demands become national news. And now, when the team needed for its owner to be the balls of the franchise and force both men into a room to work this shit out, he caves.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen released a statement saying both he and McDaniels had been unable to get Cutler to call them back over the last 10 days. Bowlen said he spoke with Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook, on Tuesday and came away convinced “that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos.”

Therefore, Bowlen said, “We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded.”

And with those words, Pat Bowlen grew a vagina.

This concerns us because the talk will immediately start back up about the Buccaneers being one of the potential landing places for Cutler. It’s already started on TBO where Roy Cummings tells us in the headline to expect the Bucs to be involved, but then hedges his bet at the end and says it will be hard to do.

The Bucs are sure to look at all the possibilities this news creates in the coming days, and it’s likely they’ll make another play for Cutler. Their chances of getting him this time, though, seem slimmer than before.

The only reason it was even possible before was because no one else knew Cutler was on the block and the Bucs still had a second round pick to work with. Neither of those things are true now and there are teams with more desperate needs at quarterback who have more capital to work with.

Yahoo! Sports is citing a “league source” that says that the Glazers are the ones who are pushing to get Cutler.

The source said ownership is fixated on the fact that quarterback has developed into a long-term problem for the franchise, particularly after the juggling of former coach Jon Gruden. Knowing that the pursuit is backed by ownership should make the Buccaneers a formidable team to bid against.

But that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t have the picks or quarterback to get him. A three-way trade is possible with a team like Cleveland who has two quarterbacks, but what to do the Bucs have that Cleveland wants for one of them? Denver isn’t giving up Cutler for less than a first rounder plus a starter or an equivalent pick. Is Cleveland going to deal Derek Anderson for a third round pick? Would the Bucs’ first rounder plus Anderson even be enough to get Cutler with Detroit and Philadelphia both having two first rounders this year? It just can’t happen unless the Bucs are willing to deal a superstar — Antonio Bryant, Gaines Adams, Barrett Ruud… one of those guys would get Denver’s attention. And I would completely lose my shit if it even became legitimate speculation.

I can’t even deal with this anymore right now. I need to calm down. Here’s something to help you do the same. Maybe there’s even a surprise underneath it.

Today of all days, I can't believe you clicked it.

7 Comments to “He’ll Be Pouting In A Different Uniform This Year”

Matt Price

Matt Price (April 01, 2009 at 01:32pm:

Scott, that’s really ficked up. Why don’t you just poison us man.

I agree with you that the Bucs have basically no chance of getting Cutler without giving up one of our stars. In which case, like you, I will lose my shit.

Matt Price

Matt Price (April 01, 2009 at 01:34pm:

Ooops, typo. I meant “fucked up” not “ficked”. Must have still been blind from the damn clicky. By the way, which one of the three is the Buc’s new GM?


bucman23 (April 01, 2009 at 03:12pm:

actually we didnt have our second round pick. the deal went down the day after we traded for winslow and we reportedly were willing to give up a first and a third for him. i keep hearing that its only possible for a 3 way trade but i dont think thats true. would you really consider brady quinn and derek anderson proven and quality? not when your coach was willing to trade cutler because he prefers quarterbacks to be efficient and not make mistakes. is it a coincidence that mcdaniels signed simms to a 3 mil a year contract(which is very large for a backup QB) right after this cutler thing happened? it might sound crazy but if mcdaniels was arrogant enough to trade cutler for cassell it wouldn’t surprise me if he signed him to be a fallback guy. if you wanna be realistic simms is no more unproven then brady or anderson(even though i think he’s garbage dont get me wrong). my point is i think they will trade him out of conference to a team that is willing to surrender the most draft picks and players, but doesnt neccessarily have to be a QB. if mcdaniels was going to trade for quinn he mine as well just draft sanchez whos younger and probably has more potential. anyways thats my two cents for the day.


Scott (April 01, 2009 at 05:25pm:

@bucman: I thought the negotiations for the deal went down just prior to the start of free agency. That was my understanding, anyway.

If McDaniels is going to try to replace Cutler with Simms he’s going to be thrown off the top of a mountain, or however they execute people in Denver. And I don’t think Quinn is as bad as people make him out to be. Cutler is better, but I think Quinn has potential.


bucman23 (April 01, 2009 at 06:18pm:

the negotiations probably started at the combine(at least that’s what mcdaniels says). its a weird situation. the K2 trade happened just before the vrabel trade went down. all of the sudden the next day, it was announced that cassell and vrabel got traded to the chiefs, along with tampa and denver tried to pull a 3 way trade. then a little bit after mcdaniels and cutler got into the dispute, denver signed simms to a 2 year 6 mil contract. on nfl network, a source close to the team said they believe that if chris simms is called to play then they have confidence he will play well. i agree that simms is garbage, and that quinn has potential, but mcdaniels really is arrogant enough to think he can turn any qb with upside into a star if they’re willing to play within the system. the only reason i put simms under the “upside” catagory is because he has a pretty good arm(even though thats only one intagible and he is poop). of course anything is possible, i’m just not convinced the only way they will trade him is for another quality qb. they will have options at the draft, which is under the same category as quinn: “potential.” you see where i’m getting at? you have to think they will trade him out of conference, but mcdaniels is so arrogant i wouldnt be surprised if he didnt…


TheBrainStem (April 01, 2009 at 07:37pm:

@Scott, not cool!


Scott (April 01, 2009 at 10:41pm:

Let me clarify that I don’t think Simms is total shit. I may be blinded by years of defending him to everyone, but even after everything I still think he isn’t awful.

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